(kria) ratcheting + alt note + glide

hmm i don’t think so? it’s more like it’s own parameter like the original four. it has its own loop points, clock divider, probability, etc so it’s not really linked to any particular steps on the trigger screen.

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Oh wow, I didn’t realize that it had it’s own loop points! This could lend itself to some really cool patterns. I guess i wasn’t considering the full breadth of the feature :smile:!

yea in the video above i have the probability for all the ratchet steps set to the lowest so you get a lot of crazy variation that way

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Does this hex file have both arc apps and meadowphysics as well?

You know, I guess I should have watched the video before downloading :slight_smile: womp womp womp lol

yes… it has everything the official Ansible firmware has, but with additional features I have added to Kria. The other features are outlined here: https://github.com/monome/ansible/pull/30

p.s. @Justmat i updated the .hex file with the fixes for the Arc apps.


I so want to update but can’t afford to lose my presets - i have complete songs in presets that i do gigs with. Ratcheting is a killer feature that i always wanted also…

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yea i thought ratcheting might be the feature that would push some people over the edge. i’ve got a few more features in the works though…

hopefully we’ll get preset import/export one of these days… unfortunately serialization and i/o aren’t really something i’d be comfortable touching in C

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Works great! Thank you so much!

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Exciting! Does this firmware still contain the meta-sequence update?

this is fantastic, thank you!!!

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Great, thank you! :slight_smile:

Great stuff; will try out tonite but this most likely stops me pulling the trigger on the Doepfer, at least for a while.

Wow, this is cool :sunglasses:


So sick. Going to download this update after the gig I have this week! Can’t wait to try this.

I just finally had the time to play for a bit, and Kria ratcheting is wonderful! Thank you, @freqout, for putting in the time and effort !!1


This is great! I only got my Grid/Ansible on monday so I barely knew what life was like before ratcheting :slight_smile:


This is unreal! Exactly what I was missing having dropped metropolis for Kria. Amazing work, thanks!!!
Not trying to start a feature request avalanche but if you are ever working on more firmware tweaks, I’d love to see the ocatave page reworked so it’s in the middle with + 3 octaves and - 3 octaves, even +4/-2.
And a second page for pitch that adds glide between notes like the metropolis. Maybe similar to the ratcheting page but for glide and amount.
Anyway, thanks again, truly amazing work :pray:


glad you like it! i’m planning to add alternate parameter pages for glide, delay and an additional notes page that works additively with the first one so that you can transpose melodic figures within the selected scale.

interesting idea about the octaves page, but is it standard that oscillators support a bipolar signal for their 1v/oct inputs?