(kria) ratcheting + alt note + glide

btw, the effect you are going for could possibly be achieved by the manual clocking via Teletype feature?

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yea i surprise myself by how quickly i can now navigate kria. when i show it to someone who has never seen it before, they are completely bewildered by the interface :stuck_out_tongue:


Its all muscle memory. The biggest issue I have run into, in the week or so I have had one, is understanding the specifics of what things are actually doing under the hood (like note duration). Once you grok the basic workflow of the kria UI, understanding how each page is set up, editing for each page, its pretty fast to move around.

@tehn or anyone else who may know. Are the working image files somewhere? Or, if they aren’t accessible, does anyone know the font used in the images?

Font used is DINOT and the illustrator files are all nicely zipped up here. (for anyone else who ever wants to do this)


Which of these should I be running (I use Grid/Arc)
Thank you!

sorry, that’s confusing. no reason for me to leave both of those there. removed the older one… use the latest!


After struggling a bit with the github way (my day job is all perforce all the time) I have been able create a pull request for ratcheting/alt-note/ glide (parameter extensions) docs.

Please read through for clarity or just general WTF’s. Also, anyone who hasn’t used the modes, you folks are precious. If you could use the docs to get your footing with the modes it would help immensely.


Late to the whole conversation but catching up with interest. I took a quick run through your PR and it looks great. My only substantial comment was about max glide time (120ms seems short) but I realize this is more a question for @freqout as it was introduced above. I may be the odd one, but when I glide I like really long glides… Not sure if that should be accommodated though. (Like I said, I may be the odd one!)

Re: doxs. This is on my agenda in the near future. Happy to proof them with the new firmware

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Do you want comments here or via a github review?

Submitted a couple of minor comments via github review. I’ve not played with the alt firmware, but the new features are very well described in your docs.


Either is fine. If you speak GitHub though they would be better there since they are directly tired to the pull request.

thanks for doing this :slight_smile:

Main docs have been updated! Not sure on the schedule for the official binaries to be updated, but they are no longer waiting on documentation.

Meta-Patterns next :slight_smile:


Thanks for the work on this and special thanks to @freqout . Downloaded yesterday and keen to try this out when I get a chance.


I guess I sound like a grump and I am thankful for any video documentation, but I humbly request if you’re making a demo videos, do not make it a performance. Slow down and put a lot of pauses in.

The Grid videos (save the great metasequencing one from n-So) all suffer from too much information density and “look how fast I can hit buttons and do DJ gestures and fly around the interface” style. Brian’s videos are packed with info but I can’t actually learn much from them unless I slow down and rewind several times pausing to find the split second when a finger hits a button in order to absorb the text on the screen and the button functions.

I just got my Ansible yesterday, didn’t get around to playing too much with it yet but I was actually quite surprised that a part from the meta sequencing video nobody actually did a proper rundown of all the features of kria and how to use them, with voiceover the way DivKid or Mylar usually do their stuff.

I might get around to it when I feel 100% comfortable with the module.

Great stuff on the alt firmwares though, can’t wait for a merge.

they’re merged: Ansible 1.6

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oh ok ! talked too fast :slight_smile: i’ll update tonight.