(kria) ratcheting + alt note + glide

I just finally had the time to play for a bit, and Kria ratcheting is wonderful! Thank you, @freqout, for putting in the time and effort !!1


This is great! I only got my Grid/Ansible on monday so I barely knew what life was like before ratcheting :slight_smile:


This is unreal! Exactly what I was missing having dropped metropolis for Kria. Amazing work, thanks!!!
Not trying to start a feature request avalanche but if you are ever working on more firmware tweaks, I’d love to see the ocatave page reworked so it’s in the middle with + 3 octaves and - 3 octaves, even +4/-2.
And a second page for pitch that adds glide between notes like the metropolis. Maybe similar to the ratcheting page but for glide and amount.
Anyway, thanks again, truly amazing work :pray:


glad you like it! i’m planning to add alternate parameter pages for glide, delay and an additional notes page that works additively with the first one so that you can transpose melodic figures within the selected scale.

interesting idea about the octaves page, but is it standard that oscillators support a bipolar signal for their 1v/oct inputs?


Oh man, all that sounds really great! Love how your just opening up Kria to be the best sequencer. Really looking forward to the next additions.
Regarding the bipolar signal, I’m not too sure how that works, I think standard VCO’s don’t do bipolar so you would need the middle to be 3v as then you can drop down to 0v for lower octaves. I was getting the idea from my beasts chalkboard. That has +/-2 octaves. So I’m guessing that with the octave page the +3 would be already in the code and the -3 would be a voltage drop. So if your working on a melody in 3v (no oactave change) and you just drop the octave by minusing the whole sequence by 1v? I think that should work. It would also be depending on what you tune you VCO to too.
Not sure if that makes sense, it’s first thing in the morning in Australia, need my coffee!

Wow! And glide? And additive transposing pitch page?


Oh, and finally, KR.CV !!!


Added some additional features today. Two new parameters.

Alt Note
Another note parameter which has an interface identical to the main note screen, with its own probability, clock division and loop. Both note parameters are additive so you can use it to transpose melodic figures inside the scale when you set alt note’s division to be slower than the main note. In the video above, I use alt note to add variation to a couple beats of the 16 step phrase over a longer duration. Curious if anyone finds this useful.

Portamento/Glide/Slide/Slew. Also has its own probability, loop and clock division. Increments in 20ms up to 120ms. This seemed like a decent range of values, but if you think there is a better range out there, I’m open to it. In the sequence above I have one step with an especially long glide which occasionally makes it sound out of tune, which I like.

Added a blink to the parameter button when you are using an alternate parameter (ratchet, alt note, glide). Makes it easier to discern where you are.

I’ll keep the top post of this thread updated (including .hex file) as I continue adding a few more things in this cycle.

ansible.hex (246.0 KB)


Christmas time is here

Fantastic work!
One fun thing with slew per step (particularly with probability of slew) is to run through a quantiser and get probabilistic trills between notes.

One feature I’d like to see on Kria similar to alt note would be a global transpose post scale (saved per pattern or preset?)
This would be handy for writing or performing in different keys without having to retune oscillators. You can obviously do it by getting the scale correct and using a note other than the bottom row as your root note. But AFAIK Kria can’t currently shift a sequence like this

ah! amazing… can’t wait to try this :smiley:

:wave: incredible work, thank you for these developments!!

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i requested master octave switching per channel previously, if this is what you mean’t?

Is it alt note a kind of seq transposition like you could do with a precision adder?
Does it always keep the key?

If it is the case I just found a way to save money :slight_smile:

Thank you very much

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I don’t think you could do it like this with a precision adder because alt note keeps it in the scale. The precision adder would transpose the entire figure, while alt note preserves the interval relationships between notes in the scale.

It is maybe more similar to the shift input on Intellijel’s uScale.


Considering that I was doing this a lot with a precision adder but I was limited by the notes and intervals of transposition I could use…this is a blast…:slight_smile:


Just had play with the firmware from a couple of days ago, with the ratcheting and muting… It’s so damn cool!!! Thank you so much for the time you’ve put into this.

I may have an issue though, with presets. When I press the preset button to bring up the preset page, nothing happens, doesn’t change page. When I then pressed a button on the grid to change track, the sequence I was playing with had gone. Have you seen this at all?

i haven’t seen anything like this happen. i just tried to see if i could get it to happen on mine, but switching presets is working just fine for me.

is this something you can easily reproduce after cycling the power?

Jeez keep these coming…Kria is growing and I love it


If anyone posts something created with the Alt Note parameter, please share it here. I’m curious how people will make use of it!


quick q: does ratcheting throw the dice for the step’s probabilities with each retrigger? or does it solely retrigger the physical gate?