Kria reset

I have noticed some strange -to me at least-behaviour from kria regarding its reset functionality. If I drive it with an external clock, and I send a trigger in to the reset input, the sequence resets itself as you might expect.

For fun though I will often mute the clock to pause the sequence to keep things interesting. In this case, the reset trigger seems to be ignored. When I eventually unmute the clock signal, the sequence resumes from where it left off as if I had never sent the reset trigger in the first place.

I also have reset-related question. I noticed that Kria resets on the NEXT step after receiving a trigger into a Reset in. Is possible to reset immediately upon receiving a trigger? Otherwise how to synchronise the sequence with an external sequencer, it saves the position upon stopping. Thanks.

Interesting point. What would you want to have happen if say the gate was high on step 16 when the reset trigger came in? Would you want it to immediately jump to step 1 and if step 1 was active, extend the current gate? or drop the gate for step 16 and immediately start the gate for step 1?

I’m curious now as to how other sequencers handle resets. Is there a standard algorithm?