Kria strategies

I was searching for a way to better use Kria to execute specific melodic ideas exactly as I hear them in my head - which often includes fast runs in between longer rests. The difficulty, at least in the way that I was using it, is that to have fast runs of notes, you need the clock running quickly on a track, which limits how long your rests can be in a 16-step sequence.

I knew one strategy would be using meta-pattern sequencing, but I thought I could achieve this in a single pattern via trigger clocking. What I’ve been doing is using the note page only to define the sequence of notes that I want played, with all of the notes being one after the other, and no regard for timing - no rests are defined on the note page. This means that all triggers are turned on as well.

The timing then comes from the ratcheting page, with trigger clocking enabled. This effectively allows for more granular timing control of the sequence, as the trigger ratcheting can “multiply” the clock. The key to keep it synced with the note sequence is to ensure that you have the same number of triggers defined on the ratchet page as the number of notes in your sequence on the note page.

You can then do some of the phasing/unexpectedness that Kria is so good at by adding or removing triggers from the ratchet page so it is no longer locked in with the note sequence, or by messing with the actual trigger page, or changing the loop length of the note page. Lock the note page back in with the ratcheting, turn all the triggers on the trigger page back on, and you’ve got a sequence that is similar, but a bit different/offset, to what you had before. When you want it to go back to how you originally defined it, just reset the pattern.

Has anyone else worked with Kria like this? Any tips or strategies?


One thing I picked up from n.kria is to have the alt note page going a multiple of the speed of the note page, so that ratchets play out a little fast melody based on the alt notes while the on-beat main notes are set by the main note page.