(Kria) track muting

Since getting an Ansible a couple weeks ago, I’ve been making a few small changes to Kria ((Teletype) CV from Ansible while running Kria on TT - #8 by freqout, (Kria) durations relative to clock/division - #6 by freqout)

The next thing that I’ve added is track muting, performed by holding the loop modifier button and pressing one of the track buttons to toggle. I’ll also be adding a Teletype OP for getting and setting mutes (KR.MUTE).

I haven’t yet resolved how to visualize which tracks are muted on the track buttons. Currently I have it set to dim both the selected and non-selected state when a track is muted, but a total of four different brightness levels might not be the best for at-a-glance readability.

I had an idea to flicker muted channels on and off at a high frequency, but that wound up being very distracting and strobe-y. I tried to make the timer flipping them on and off faster, thinking that at a high enough rate, it might not be so strobe-y, but I couldn’t perceive any difference between 20ms and 5ms so maybe there is a limitation of how fast the timers can run.

Another idea I had is to pulse the track button LEDs off and on again each time the track sends out a trigger so that when a track is muted, it ceases to pulse, but adding that kind of busyness to the bottom row seems out of sync with the overall design.

If anyone has any other ideas, I’m open to suggestions!

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i think you can do this with 3 levels plus off.

muted unselected = off
muted selected = 2
normal unselected = 1 (as is)
normal selected = 3 (as is)

3 levels is very readable.

i like the idea of seeing trigger pulses on events, perhaps that can just be a few steps of increased brightness? though the selector might be maxed out already, so maybe instead reduce by a few steps?

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Yea I gave that a shot too, but I think I prefer 4 levels to preserve the structure of the bottom row interface. The level I chose for mute/unselected is so dim, its barely visible in the room right now with a lot of ambient light.

I’ll try messing around with the trigger pulses. Might be nice to visualize the actual gate length now that I’ve got clock-relative gates added (highest duration + highest multiplier = tied note).

I just tried this out and its cool. There was some brightness headroom available so I’m blinking it brighter by 2.

Initially I was just throwing a monomeFrameDirty++; at the end of each kria_offX function, but found that on short gates, it wasn’t reliably blinking. Probably because the gates were <30ms and that is what the main refresh loop is running at.

So I made a second set of callbacks just for turning off the blinks that uses a minimum 31ms callback time :slight_smile:

Should a muted track still blink?

my gut reaction is no, but i’d be curious what others think?

I no longer have a white whale but from what I remember the track would still blink at a dimmer level. I think it would be nice if it blinked at a lower level.