Kria track sync

I think I need a ‘dummy’ mode. :-(. One thing that is not clear to me in the docs is how the independent parameters work and how to keep a single track in sync easily. This is always messing up my sequencing and I’m about to give up on Kria. It’s very frustrating after some editing to have a note go out of step with the trigger on a track. I think this is because trigger and note, octave and duration have their own probability, clock division and loop controls. This is lauded as powerful in the docs but I do NOT actually want this and can’t seem to get the sequence ‘fixed’ after making adjustments to loops. The notes are always getting time-shifted from the steps they’re supposed to be on. If I want to change the loop, I want to do it once and have all params in a track adjust. It should be fast and easy. But it appears I have to do it 4 times for every track and because I can’t do it simultaneously, the steps get out of sync.

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i think i understand your issue. I solve this by sending a trigger into the reset. should align everything back up


yea i more or less always have a gate-triggering button (from a befaco joystick) patched into the reset jack while i’m doing kria stuff for this very reason.

hmm maybe it’d be useful to have a reset function somewhere on the grid itself :thinking:


Yeah. Reset usually does it. However, I the point of adjusting a loop size for a single track (IMO) is to have tracks with different lengths so they can run independently and evolve independently. If you have to reset all of them on every adjustment, that defeats the purpose.

I guess I just work on a evolving tape delay style sequences as my primary use and for that, it’s bad. Maybe if you’re doing techno doesn’t matter as much.

it’s probably not the answer you’re looking for, but you can reset specific tracks and even specific params with the teletype command KR.RES

I think this was a feature in the original Kria alt firmware for White Whale. I seem to recall seeing it in the tutorial videos and wondering why it wasn’t exposed via the grid in the Ansible version. :thinking:

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You can change if the tracks and parameters are synced/linked or not in the settings view:

Kria has two parameters, represented on the left and right quadrants of the grid when Key 2 is held down.

Note Sync can be toggled on or off on the left side by touching any key– the square icon will be lit bright when Note Sync is on.

When Note Sync is on, Note and Trigger editing is linked. In Note view, you can now press on a step’s current note value to toggle off the Trigger at that step, and this is reflected in the interface. This way you can edit note sequences intuitively with rests without switching between two views.

Note Sync requires that Loop Sync is in Track or All mode, as the sync interface does not make sense if loops are desynchronized between Note and Trigger.

Loop Sync is shown on the right quadrant of the grid. There are three modes:

None (nothing lit): all tracks and parameters can have independent loop points
Track (top single block lit): all parameters within tracks have the same loop, but tracks can differ in their looping
All (bottom row of 4 lit): all tracks and parameters have a synchronized loop
By default Note Sync is on and Loop Sync is set to Track.


Emenel, I am using the defaults. Note sync is only for edits and should go further IMO and always keep the trigger and note tied together when loops are edited. And all parameters may share the same loop but somehow they don’t keep the same counter or loop position.

If you have loop sync on “all” they shouldn’t go out of sync. The default is that loop sync is off.

With “all” the loops are all the same length I believe.

so it seems that a reset is still required to keep things in sync no matter which setting you are in when changing the tempo of a single track. Or is there something i’m missing? Doesn’t seem to be a matter of loop points. I find this to be useful and can create some interesting phasing events, but it does cause the trigger/note pages to go out of sync. Would be nice to have a way to link that edit to reflect both the trigger/note pages simultaneously.

EDIT: moderators, please let us know if this tangent we’ve found ourselves in belongs in a different thread

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This reminds me of a feature I proposed last year:


Yeah, to @shellfritsch’s point - currently you have to “play” these changes in time to get them to start in sync. Tracks with different lengths/speeds will loop independently, but having the time change/loop length change happen in sync with the loop point is up to human timing at the moment.

I thought that in “all” or “Track” mode with “Note Sync” on the trigger and note pages stayed in sync regardless of loop changes, but I’d have to check when I get home to make sure.

I liked it then, and I like it now. :slight_smile:

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