Kria update

kria began as an alt firmware for white whale: Kria 0.3 initial release

it will also now be one of the grid modes on ansible.

initial changes to the ansible version:

  • four tracks
  • clock and reset input
  • per step probability (like normal ww) for each parameter
  • sync mode (tr and note linked for more traditional sequencing)

features removed from ansible version:

  • per step scale change parameter
  • per step transpose parameter
  • clock division (clock multiplication is still there)

to get clock in i chose to remove the pretty questionable clock multiplication routines-- they weren’t accurate. having both multiplication and division sounds good to me, so it’ll be added back in in a future revision. also we might want scale/transpose back-- perhaps with a new interface proposition.

there’s also a new higher-level pattern sequencer (like series mode on original WW) that i have mostly done but i’ll hold back until a near future update. ansible now comes with the usb A-A firmware update cable, as i anticipate it’ll be often-modified by various people-- so there will be options.

the question some people have is will any of these features be back-ported to the kria for ww. the answer is yes, but it in due time. the application on a whole is still breathing and changing a bit. my aim was to backport it once it settles.

if there’s an overwhelming demand for clock input, i could revise the ww version but the clock multiply would be likely inaccurate.

full tour and docs of kria on ansible forthcoming. in general it won’t feel too different, but there are some changes.

i hope that answers some questions!


I would love click input for ww. :stuck_out_tongue:

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kria on ansible is usable only via grids, right?

Thanks Tehn for this clarification/announcement!

Clock input on the WW indeed would be overwhelming!

We, who already use Kria could stay on the white wale then and keep scale/transpose parameters. Besides the clock in I am very happy with all it is now…:heart_eyes:

I just did not fully understand the part with changed clock division / multiplication feature on the ansible above, though:

So which one is removed, which is kept?

If I understand correctly, the division was kept and the multiplication was removed. I’ve seen in a few threads (on Muffs, mostly) that clock multiplication is inherently imperfect because it takes a few gates/triggers to determine the incoming clock rate so that it can be multiplied. I.e. Any changes to the base clock rate cause temporary desyncs for the multiplied clock.

as one of the people who pestered you endlessly for kria clock input, thank you. ansible ordered.

Pretty much, yes. One of the challenges in doing a digital eurorack sequencer is that most people expect to send something like a 16th note clock. It makes it hard to work at a higher resolution internally because it needs to be multiplied. It’s less of a problem with syncing MIDI devices externally because a MIDI clock is 24 PPQ (or 6 beats per 16th note) so it’s a lot easier to sync it quickly without any noticeable glitching.

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Agreed. Clock in and out for sequence apps/modules is important. Need to sync with other elements of music machine.

+1 to the requests for WW Kria clock in. I’m likely buying an Ansible and Arc anyway, but having the additional flexibility to choose where to run Kria would be very welcome.


just making clear that the clock input version will not have clock div.

also someone please inform me of the proper nomenclature for clock mult/div? period or frequency?


+1 for clock input on the WW version of Kria. Sorry! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah okay, so it will have clock multiplication but no division.

It’s great that you take the effort of doing this!


Clock multiplication: higher frequency than the incoming clock
Clock division: lower frequency than the incoming clock


o/ ww kria clock in! :slight_smile:

I never noticed this before but while figuring out a way to clock everything from Kria via Ableton/Skinnerbox I found that my Kria does not follow its own clock and I wonder if anyone experiences the same. It drove me nuts trying to adjust the track delay/latency on ableton until I just noticed that there is simply no chance to get it right…

Here is clock out on one channel and trigger 1 without must/div on the other. Direct into the mixer and Logic (added some reverb and slight compression for a more pleasant listening experience):

For an e-learning side effect there are some nice twittering artifacts now, showcasing what soundcloud does to our music, they’re not on the original mp3.

I’ve really struggled clocking my Meadowphysics to an audio pulse from Ableton. I’m not sure if my problem is related to yours - could you expand on what you found?

Maybe I was overly complicated (I tend to be…) but what I found was simply that Kria is not running on the speed of its own clock. As you hear in the audio example with Krias clock on the left and the trigger of Krias Channel 1 on the right.

My goal was to clock Ableton from Kria over Skinnerbox which basically worked good just that Kria was running out of sync with itself as you can hear on the example.

I’ll take a listen once I get home - denied from soundcloud at the moment. Thanks!

are you using clock division/mults? this is surely the issue, as the sync is not good (as i’ve previously mentioned).

this will be fixed in the ext clock version where clock mult is removed.

No divisions or multiplications - just the straight trigger and the clock out.