Kria update

Would it be possible to create a firmware for the WW that contains both Kria and WW? Would be cool to switch between them.

Agreed! And for some reason that would make me want Ansible even more…

Also, following this thought, could other trilogy modules theoretically have multiple accessible modes (ie. alternative grid and new arc programs)?

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ansible has more flash than ww, but there’s likely a way to do fit it in.

if anyone wants to do this, check out the ansible firmware.

Did an ‘exploration patch’ (is that a euphemism for: I’m not sure this is ‘music’, but it sure was fun?). Love the sequencer:


Music to my ears!
Sounds beautiful, have only used Ansible for Midi and Meadowphysics so far… I need to take time to learn Kria


This thing is so intuitive and amazing. I have more-than-expected under my fingers after 48 hours with it! Wow.

Noob question though: I can figure out how to alter presets, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to copy and paste patterns in pattern view within presets! I’m sure it’s an easy click or two…

Just politely poking my head in to see what the timing looked like on backporting clock-in to WW. I think Kria is the perfect sequencer for me except that I cannot sync it to any of my other gear. I just can’t put it down once I get started with it and would like to record more but can’t easily sync with my DAW so that makes it more difficult. I don’t even care about clock multiplication at this point. I know we are waiting for the feature/functionality changes to settle. Any word? Thanks for all you do!

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thanks for the reminder-- it’s on my this-week list along with the other firmware hacking.


was the kria max version abandoned? :frowning: