Kristoffer Lislegaard - Floating Body / Diving Mind

Dear Lines I am so happy to finally be able to say that my album Floating Body / Diving Mind is out now!

It has been made over a long period of 4 years and 5 months as I really didn’t have a plan made out when I started. It started out with me recording some improvised sessions while developing my big controller software that I was writing in Max.

I multitracked my sessions and then used that material as a starting point for further compositions. So editing, adding, remixing and sampling the material to make finished pieces.

It is very interesting to see something develop over such a long time, loosing momentum, getting hopeful, doubting the material, feeling like king of the world etc.

I am very happy to share and discuss anything regarding the process, inspiration, production etc. if there are any questions. I am also planning to make some bts videos on my Youtube channel.

I really hope some of you will like the album and in good Lines tradition here are some Bandcamp codes :heart: Tell me which one you use and I will cross it off.


  • zh6x-bp5t
  • paww-6x8c
  • jnhe-u3bk
  • 6wef-54l9
  • zgdp-eaxx
  • 3k48-3bep
  • wzp3-cxf2
  • zq3h-xn2b


Already enjoyed the album earlier today! Stoked for a download code. Thanks!

Used this one:




Looking forward to giving it a good listen, the title and description are definitely intriguing :+1:

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i posted about this on twitter in exchange for the code

the video is great! lookin fwd to more bts info especially about the camera and software you made

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I used this code. Excited to check it out, and cheers on the album!!

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20 characters of thank you!

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Great stuff @KristofferLislegaard ! Looking forward to dive deeper into this


Really looking forward to this, and thanks for the download codes! I used zgdp-eaxx; there were a couple which ran together in your list, but I figured out what was what. :slight_smile:

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Ah thanks for telling me! Fixed now! Glad you got it working :slight_smile:

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finished listening last night and found many parts enjoyable and moving

i sometimes hate singling out specifics rather than embracing the overall effect an album has on me BUT there’s a section where the kicks emerge during “Samsara” and are eventually joined by gorgeous electronic flourish of notes (guitar/keys perhaps?)

really loved that combo and the contrast of elements


Thanks @glia I am so happy to hear you liked it! If you want the insider information it was when I had recorded the material for “Samsara” I realized I had to make an album, hehe!

Regarding the notes:

  • If you mean the random time arpeggio type lead notes they are my Shuttle System being played with the arpeggiator from Ableton Live with an LFO on the arpeggio speed.
  • If you mean more the thing that starts of as sort of shoogazy pads that then turns rhytmical that is a big wash of guitar and synth played thru delays, reverbs etc. Then bounced down and sidechain gated to the main bass riff :slight_smile:

very cool, thanks so much for sharing

i’ll listen again but i think it was the arpeggio that caught my attention the first time

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