L.A. March 7th to 20th!

Hi there…

Back to this forum! First time since Lines version …
Was Reno khart from Belgium on the other side. Monome user for at least 5 years now :slightly_smiling:
Well, still on gear&music!!
And landing to L.A. On March 7th!!
Quite excited…Friend, bike&why not music !?
I’m about to release some new (more dancefloored) stuffs…
If someone here is just curious in dropping an ear on it (new belgian expression!) I can send private sound cloud link (not final versions:)
Here are some older links, but maybe “good to know”:

This one a bit crappy

And latest release under ConcertDebout

https://soundcloud.com › concertdebout

So…I’m about to play these new materials (alone at the moment) and why not take the advantage to be in LA and SF to maybe play for the first time in USA!
I’m not money hungry…Do it for my pleasure (and hope for the wellness of the audience) :slightly_smiling:
Good bed, good meal and good wine is ok!
So if someone of you knows about the good places to play that kind of music (for sure, I know about heavy competition, but who doesn’t try…) during these 2 weeks…Or knows someone who knows someone who maybe knows…
Meet people is also welcome!

Feel free to PM renomood(at)gmaildotcom