L.llllllll.co netlabel


We’ve had an idea.

What should we name it? llllllllabel.github.io would mess with auto completion of llllllll.co and we don’t want that. What’s a better idea for a name?

Edit: ugh, just realized you can’t edit or delete a poll after 5 minutes. please disregard the poll!

  • parallel
  • labellllllll
  • lines

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(not actually a URL yet, I’m just saying. Also just getting it past 20 chars, which is moot now, YOLO, YMMV, IANAL)


Some design goals:

  • Very simple gh-pages/travis-ci PR & publishing workflow
  • high bar for consistency & aesthetics without compromising publishing ease of use/accessibility for musicians
  • archive.org MP3 hosting
  • oEmbed support, for Discourse/social media embedding


My first choice, aud.github.io, is apparently taken. I’ll keep thinking.


labellllllll.github.io? Solves the autocomplete problem.


and lines ?
(20 char)))))))))))))))))))))))))


I like that. Or maybe llllabellll.github.io.


i’d be happy to redirect a subdomain.

it’s more important to have a good name.

ie just


(label: llllllll)



– any of the above can end with .co or .github.io (or both)
– it is clearly a deep philisophical question if the first should end in 7 or 8 ls


I feel a bit of responsibility for sending you down this road… so I figure I should post a few tips about Travis CI. I apologise if you know all of this already, but maybe someone else that comes across it wont.

Travis is equal parts awesome and awful. The awful is partly the docs which can be a bit hard to work with, but mainly the slowness of the edit-build-test cycle. A typical session for me would usually go…

10 FIX .travis.yml
20 git commit -va --amend
30 git push -f
50 GOTO 10

This process seriously tests my sanity. Get ready for a lot of sword fighting practise.

(Make sure you use their container based build environment, it’s a lot lot faster.)

The other really really critical thing is:

If you ever accidentally push secrets (e.g. keys or auth tokens) to GitHub, revoke them immediately!

There are bots that scan for that kind of thing, it doesn’t matter how quickly you force push them out of existence, you need to assume them to be compromised. There are horror stories out there about AWS keys…


it’s in the spirit imo[quote=“mzero, post:9, topic:5008”]
– it is clearly a deep philisophical question if the first should end in 7 or 8 ls

yes let’s talk about phenomenology instead


If travis-ci drives me insane, I may seek an alternative, but it’s the best idea I’ve heard so far.


One of the nice things about Lektor is that it will allow you to define a “model” that your content fits into. This should make it possible to do fancy formatting things, which might be nice. It’s possible to integrate Lektor with Travis-CI and gh-pages.



There is CircleCI which I’ve never used. But I think you still have the same problems with how long it takes to test a configuration. Travis have always seemed very focused on open source projects, so they get my vote. Usually once you’ve got it set up it’s pretty easy to keep maintained.

If you work in tech, then experience with any continuous integration tool is definitely a useful skill.


I’m a UX designer, but I work with devs who do CI all day every day.

Don’t need it for work (I haven’t been a professional developer in over a decade) but it’s definitely interesting for open source projects!


Casting a vote for this. Seems the most fitting. Happy to lend a front-end hand as needed!


thanks @tehn @jasonw22 et. al.
this could be really cool :slight_smile:
imho, vote for…
.wav file upload?
nine lines.co is cool {l.llllllll.co}


Image support will be critical. Github pages have a 5GB limit per repository. For that reason I’m going to encourage archive.org for hosting (mp3, wav, flac, whatever floats your boat) and then we’ll make an easy-to-include web audio player component that points to those archive.org hosted files. My intention is for this audio player to also be included in the oEmbed that will make Discourse onebox support possible. This means that people should be able to share a listenable playlist of their releases here on the lines forum just by pasting a single URL to the release’s web page.

Should be much easier in practice than it is to understand all this verbalization. :slight_smile:


yes! “9 Lines Netlabel” has a nice ring to it.


+1 for just l.llllllll.co not lbl, or lines etc. great idea!