L.llllllll.co netlabel

Really like the notion of this bit in opposition to a web player.

A release could be more of a digital “package”, (i.e. a digital version of labels like dauw or Fluid Audio). Could definitely make the notion of a digital download much more interesting if there wasn’t a definite notion of what would be in the download package. Releases could include patch notes, graphic scores, videos of performance, interviews with the artist, or art books, and it opens up the possibility of a release just being a generative executable file or max patch. This community and our conversations are super varied, so I don’t see any reason that releases need to limited to just audio.

Honestly, I’m all for the no-streams, no-art site proposed by @tehn. The enjoyment and aesthetic of the release can be saved for the download, and the site can be more of a consistent teaser and hub for all projects. The album art there could be either a pure color or maybe something like a 9-pixel cube with the colors of the actual cover art.

Anyway, just my thoughts. Really feel like this has the potential to be a much needed antithesis to streaming culture and encourage true appreciation of digital media, which is increasingly rare.

I will definitely be contributing to this project as an attentive listener.


i’m glad this proposition has some momentum.

i also need to be realistic with my time, however. it’d be crazy of me to think i’ll have the needed time to put into this before early summer.

but perhaps we can set up a quick structure (forum threads) to get started with the actual process of a few collaborative releases and so there’s content to put on the site immediately, once time has been made to finalize the text and layout, etc.


Just wanted to say that I am really excited to see what comes out of this. I can’t offer much in the way of technical support but I would love to team up with one of you to curate a release

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This sounds really cool. I’m definitely interested in participating, both with curatation and sounds. I’m also curious of one should announce it if say you have an idea for a project that involved your own participation with sound (the artistic side), or if this should rather be in the line that two curators will have to find ones work interesting enough to engage you.
edit: just found this is adressed in one of the other threads, excuse me for not seeing that!

Monthly releases would be great, and preferably more than just one singel/track.

I think the sum of what has been discussed is very appealing. I like the idea of minimalistic aesthetics that resonates with both lines and monome. Personally I enjoy labels that has a clear profile with its artwork. Two of which I think is superb are «Rune Grammofon» and «Hubro».

Both release great music, I advice you to check them out. I know R Grammofon tend to often use one designer for most of their releases (Kim Hiorthøy). Hubro has a even clearer profile with the same type of photographic style for most of their releases.


i’m also interested in curating a release.


I had an idea for a community release: w/ w/. It would be a compilation of tracks made, well, w/ w/. I have a rough cover (using the eight slashes to represent lines) and two tracks of my own.

EDIT: lol, my art should have “w/” not "w \ ". fixing…


YES. YES! would love to contribute.

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I think this is a phenomenal idea!

might be best to start a new thread since this comp wouldn’t fit the netlabels’ focus


Awesome awesome. Would love to contribute something also!

@tehn has repeatedly emphasized that compilations don’t fit the netlabel model.

Thing is, we seem capable of compilations. We can find time to polish and publish a single song. Few of us have time for longer form content given day jobs, etc.

Anyway, I’m not a w/ user, but I would like to see discussion of this particular topic.


Makes sense. I’ll start a new thread.


This is the most elegant one, I think.

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this is the purpose of the netlabel idea— to create scaffolding, support, and encouragement to finish a collection of work, not just singles :slight_smile:

i agree most of us don’t have time. as such i feel the netlabel tactic discussed would facilitate commitment to finish a collection over a longer timeframe.


While I don’t disagree with any of that at all, I would counter that compilations are a critical part of this community’s identity.

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oh i absolutely agree!

i’m just being a purist in terms of the netlabel being an art project with specific parameters— that all releases should conform to the same generative principle.

so perhaps calling it a netlabel at all is a misnomer.



@trickyflemming if you want to make use of lcrp.bandcamp.com for this, that’s cool with me. There are other lines-associated bandcamp URLs, however. Not sure that’s the best one for this project. I’d also be open to rebranding lcrp.bandcamp.com to be inclusive of a broader concept. But whatever the concept is, it’s not the netlabel project @tehn is referring to. We’d have to figure that out from scratch.

:slightly_smiling_face: +1 for more lines threads turning into…


It’s a fantastic compilation. Was listening to it last night and while @tehn’s Skyclad III was on my wife ran into the room and asked “what are you listening to?! it’s really beautiful…”


Where’s the thread about this release? I’d love to read more about it.

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Here you go:

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