L.llllllll.co netlabel


nine lines is great
as is the url

this project will be an interesting extension


or just have the URL as the name too…


It’s nice to have a pronounceable version of the name, in addition to the written/visual version. And I like the feline play on words.


right. but (for example) the band !!! don’t specifically call out how to pronounce their name, yet we all know it’s pronounced chk chk chk. I think it’s nice when you don’t have to spell stuff out. l.lllllll just looks right IMO. let folks make up their own names.

anyway! i’m on the periphery here. just my 2 cents. nice idea, and looking forward to seeing it come to fruition.


If I hadn’t seen “lines” spelled out, or “chk chk chk” for that matter, I might never have guessed. But I might just be slow. :wink: I do get your point.


how does one upload something to archive.org?

i know i could check myself, but may as well get someone familiar to write it down for the edification of others as well. if this is an integral step to referencing files from github

also wondering if archive.org will onebox a player? this is probably stuff you guys already discussed-- sorry to be late to the party.


You can’t onebox archive.org directly. (at least, not yet)

But you can make a playlist somewhere else that points to archive.org files, and simultaneously provides an oEmbed API. (in theory, I have yet to put this into practice)

Another alternative for implementing an embed for onebox is to use Facebook’s Open Graph.

Uploading to archive.org is very easy.


l.lllllllll.co seems like the best.

I would stay away from any combination of lines and label out of respect for Richard Chartier’s Line label (lineimprint.com)


Ah, good to know, thanks!


So what’s the purpose behind this? what’s the USP over uploading to spotify or band camp?


Good question! It boils down to an open source/creative commons ethos.

@disquiet explains it better than I can:


Thanks for sharing that link. It can be helpful to think of a label as a cultural entity not a technological one. It might use multiple platforms.


Yeah, there is a set of secondary concerns that I’m going to put off until after some sort of publishing workflow is working. These might include stuff like multiple platform reach, marketing/promotion, etc. I figure that stuff really needs to come out of the expectations of participants, and for that we need some participants first. :wink:


@disquiet ¡great writing on netlabels :slight_smile:
i dig the 'singles suggestion,
and many others…
thx @jasonw22


Github-impacting widespread DDoS attack is cramping my style today. :frowning:


Resolved by switching to OpenDNS.


paging @watson :slight_smile: 20 chars woo


What is this madness? Can you catch me up @pirxthepilot


open source netlabel + llllllll.co community + github magic, work in progress. @pirxthepilot drew my attention to taketheleap.in as prior art, so I thought it made sense to reach out to you, in case you’d like to participate (or advise/consult, or dissuade us from continuing, or whatever strikes your fancy).


This is super exciting. I’d love to help with the computer codes if help is needed.

I’m working on an open source rebuild of the website for Trente Oiseaux right now that might fit this project?

Haven’t made a ton of progress but for the curious here’s my start on a catalog/discography app for managing release metadata etc: https://github.com/hecanjog/trente/blob/master/catalog/models.py