L.llllllll.co netlabel


Very helpful! At some point over the course of the next couple/few days I’ll have some code up on github, and will absolutely be interested in PRs.


Also FWIW we’re working on a new one for WFMU right now that we plan to make open source…


Sweet! What’s the timeline like for that?


After our fundraisers are over this month I’ll actually have time to work on it again! It’s also going to be the new player on the FMA, and I think I might get a full week to work on only that next month so… I don’t know! haha, sorry. maybe it’s premature to mention.


Maybe I’ll be able to contribute? Certainly interested in following along in any event.

One thing I’d like to be able to do is show the waveform of each track. I realize this is sort of controversial, but I’ll admit that part of my motivation for doing this is "we can soundcloud without soundcloud, so nyah! :stuck_out_tongue: " haha. So here’s some potential starting points for that bit:

L.llllllll netlabel technical help

Who does/will do the curation? I have a demo ready :smiley:


Yes! I’ve only looked at wavesurfer for this project so far but that’s high on my list as well.

I’ll ask about just making our repo public right away while we work, don’t see why not!


My current thought about curation is basically: did you format the release according to clear instructions provided on the website? (something repository maintainers can help people with while reviewing a pull request) If so, great, pull request accepted. So, it’s more about making sure the website doesn’t break than about making creative direction decisions.

But if anyone has better ideas, I’m all ears. And definitely interested in anybody that wants to be a guinea pig for early releases and/or volunteering to review pull requests.


respectfully, i have a couple suggestions to reign this in:

  • release frequency is important. needs to be limited to not-too-often to actually allow listens-- the firehose is not good. a queued per-day release would be fine-- extending the sort of one-a-day fashion
  • some way of certifying community involvement, if the netlabel is to represent this community. ie trustlevel 1 as defined by discourse (i’m not sure about the exact metrics whereupon these levels are specifically assigned, so worth investigating). if the name of the service is to identify with the community-- it should have something to do with the people here. if it’s just a matter of PR’s from basically anyone, that’s also great, basically a random stream-- but it should be named something else and not identified directly with the community here.


Great feedback! Agree completely about needing an explicit connection to the community (trust level 1 is a great metric for membership).

Does one a day feel spaced apart enough? Would love to hear a few perspectives on that.


i’d find a daily release frequency (if we’d really ever get to that many releases) quite overwhelming. personally, i don’t want to feel like i have to be chasing the latest release on a daily basis but would much prefer a weekly release on or just before the weekend to be able to spend some quality time with whatever bounty comes up on the label for that week.

if the queue of releases ever gets too long and weekly is not good enough anymore to “purge” the queue, the rhythm of releases can easily be adjusted as needed.

bottom line, my recommendation would be to start with weekly and adjust as needed to avoid a big backlog of releases waiting to get out.


That makes sense in more than 20 characters.


I also feel like once per day would be far too frequent. I have a hard time maintaining interest when being oversaturated with new material. Quality over quantity. If the releases are time limited, and submitters know they may have to wait a while for their material to be published, they are also more likely to spend more time preparing it before submission.

Also worth asking what constitutes a “release” ? Is it a single track from one artist, multiple tracks from the same artist, or will it be a compilation format?


I’m curious to hear opinions about that. What is a “release” on Bandcamp? Are there reasons to have a narrower definition than that?


A “release” on bandcamp is pretty much any collection of audio files. It’s up to the artist.

Since this is a “label” that implies some form of curation, so there should be some decision about a format (or formats) for its releases.


Hmm. Who gets to make that decision?


This thread? :slight_smile:


What sounds good to you? This is isn’t something I have a strong opinion about.


couple of first thoughts about aspects important to me with regards to calling something a release:

  • has to be at least an “ep” or a full length album, which implies an overarching idea and/or concept
  • proper release of finished tracks, not just a pile of “sound snippets”
  • i’m not implying that something has to be song-based at all. full-on experimental is great.


The two I can think of off the top of my head are:

  1. Compilations based around a theme. Maybe a more curated form of what the Disquiet Junto is doing?
  2. Single or multi-artist collaboration EPs

I wouldn’t really be interested in just a series of disconnected individual tracks by multiple artists released each week. They need to be connected somehow.