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How long is full length? What is a concept?[quote=“myecholalia, post:59, topic:5008”]

  • proper release of finished tracks, not just a pile of “sound snippets”

It’s kind of a “I know it when I see it” kind of thing…

and that’s where curation gets tough…

occurs to me that we should open source curation as well. some kind of in/out vote… overthinking it?


Yeah, that sounds really uninteresting.

But it’s a little harder to define “connected”.


Here’s an idea. A monthly theme (Junto-like). 1-4 releases per month. This implies a lot of potential unreleased material. I suppose it ends up on the forum anyway.


i can see where you’re coming from with this, but somehow i feel i’d be more interested if the label would put out releases that are showcasing the individual artists and the type of work they are doing "from within themselves."
the junto is fantastic for what it is, but it’s not trying to be a label.


Phew, yeah. I agree. But it brings me back to finding it difficult to describe how any curation would work beyond perhaps “put effort into it, show us you love this”.


that’s a very good starting point


imho, digital singles…
the lines forum (llllllll.co) is the 'overarching idea and/or concept :slight_smile:


I agree with this! The junto is fantastic for creating interesting and challenging constraints to work in. It seems more like a group exercise than a showcase of original music inspired by this community.

What if a particular group of artists (say 2 or 3) are responsible for a particular release. Perhaps they are connected in their interests, genre or some other context. This could be a nice to way to collaborate or simply connect with likeminded artists, and it could allow the artist to showcase original content with some kind of purpose towards this community.


You can find the details on the meta discourse: What do user trust levels do


maybe the artists/curators have to be members of the lines community in order to create a group to work on a release.
and then either they release their work, or they invite artists (for audio and visual) from outside the community to release a specific work for the label. (which could be a way to open and grow this community).

by the way : a label needs some kind of visual standard, doesn’t it ?


I was thinking the same thing. Look at Rastor Norton, very strong visual connection. FAX even more so. But you also don’t want to dictate look over the art of the creator necessarily…


I agree with drewsky’s idea too.
Maybe one release a month, from someone whithin this community, curated every month by a small group of volunteers?

Is the concept of the label that it is an extension of an online community (this forum)? A platform to present the creations of the various artists that are active here? Can the LCRP’s be put on the label too?


What I like about a label is if things are presented with much care and thought. I like 12k a lot for example. Not too many releases, not to many different artists. Somehow the artists are connected on their creative vision. Great visual presentation too.


Taylor’s strong visual identity was something that drew me to 12k releases when I first started seeing them in record stores. His commitment to the consistant quality of releases kept me coming back release after release.
consistency is something that is not very common in net labels. I think a strong curitorial vision is always important.
How does that play into a community net label?


Seems to be some rough consensus about this.

I still don’t know how it’s going to go exactly, but we’ll figure it out.



I don’t see why not.

I think those of you who are especially interested in this aspect of things need to sort that out. As for me, I’m going to focus on getting the plumbing working this weekend. Divide and conquer, so to speak.

And if a strong visual identity is desirable (as opposed to a minimalist/transparent container for anything, which is what I’ll be launching with) then it would be great to see some work on a style guide. A style guide not only establishes a visual identity, but also explains how to maintain it over time and in multiple contexts.

If you’d like to be made a collaborator in the Github repository (which would allow you to edit the wiki and review pull requests) please let me know.


curation is integral as it shapes the standard and vision of the project.

given this is a community endeavor, this will require some different thinking. so i have a different idea:

each release is sponsored/shepherded/guided by a team of two lines members-- but the artist doesn’t need to be a lines member.

the “team” members i’m proposing be level 3 (about 40 people) or level 2 (roughly 300 people).

so, shift the conversation towards curation. of course the artists can (and likely will) be lines members. but i like the idea of having a team of outside advocates who can offer a prior listen, ensure guidelines, and have a dialog-- rather than just the solo effort of sending in a PR. i feel it reinforces community. and also divides up project ambitions-- for example, i might make extra efforts to promote a release i helped foster. but everything lives under the lines umbrella.

other topics:

biweekly or monthly seems to be a good pace. can re-evaluate once it gets moving.

i agree with the definition of “release” as cohesive package. more than a single. but difficult to define. this is where having a couple people involved helps.

A charter for l.llllllll.co netlabel

there’s something in this that i deeply love. this label could inspire more collaborations like @glia and @wooer’s, or even mentorships that formalize the great ideas that are usually only able to be traded with less concrete application. i’m imagining a panel of folks who are true guides for the community, all willing to take part in the development of new work. their own releases could flip their role, opening up opportunities for these artists to have fresh perspectives injected into their work. also, this allows us to grow this community by direct artistic engagement, highlighting my favorite aspect of lines – you don’t need to own the gear to participate, appreciate and learn here.

though some (posi) life stuff has stalled the sound + process podcast (new episode very imminent, now that tides have settled), i would love to submit time/energy to documenting and facilitating in-person (or just offline) discussion between each project’s participants. so we not only get an album, we can also continue to build the mythology.


The notion of joint curation is a nice one. Perhaps curatorial teams could be be responsible for a number of releases over time, developing an artistic statement that sits (to some degree at least) aside from their own work.

Looking forward to seeing where this leads.


i like this idea a lot. i think it should be level 3, and if there are exceptions then the moderators can artificially boost that person up to level 3.


Highly interested in all of this. (I know I’m not a level three though) :frowning:

Edit: looks like I AM a three! Nice. I’d live to be a part of this