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Been trying to figure out who the cast of “regulars” is around here, and just found the list:

So those are the folks who can potentially participate as release curators. If any of you want to step up and volunteer for curating the first few releases, please do.


yes, definitely.
i have started messing around with some ideas.

do you think i should post some samples for discussion here, or should i start another thad for that?


Please start another thread, and ideally put it in the “Lounge” category.

Thank you!!


I’d be happy curate at some point (hoping I do a better job that of the last LCRP :flushed:)

Maybe Q2 next year? Just started a new uni course and I wouldn’t like to agree to something that I may lag on.

For a “visual identity” could a template be worked out into which the release artist(s) could drop images and notes ensuring a consistent visual theme, but still having individuality present. (Have I explained that right?)


@steveoath excellent! Yes, you are getting the gist of the style guide idea.


Cool. If keeping everything open source, could our template be edited/created in GIMP?


For album covers? I can imagine a number of ways to keep this accessible without tying us to any one graphics program. Let’s see what @laborcamp comes up with and then I’ll do my level best to keep things open source friendly when it comes to implementation.


not sure how much he’s around here these days, but @simeon has been in the community since way back and has an amazing visual sense and strength in photography, could be a good collaborator for visuals/design as well.


re: visual identity.

12k has an easy consistent pattern: http://www.12k.com/releases/twine

i wouldn’t want to impose an over-reaching visual guideline. but a font, text position, and specific information (artist/title) is pretty reasonable.


This is very similar to what I had in mind for at least standing up the site to begin with. The trouble with a minimalist aesthetic is that it can look pretty same-y (Eli Schiff has a series of blog post/rants about modernist minimalism if you’re curious, and he gets way crankier than the modernist minimalism link here). But I think what sets 12k apart from, say Phinery, http://www.phinery.net/ is the richness of context (text about the release, links to related releases, etc) that 12k provides.

In other words, the content is probably more important than the container for the content.


i find anti-minimalism hilarious.

computers should be invisible. the content is what’s important.

phinery’s site is outstanding. most of the internet makes me want to use lynx

this thread should be forked if this discussion feels compelled to continue…


Not quite a regular yet, though I’m hoping I’ll get there—but I wanted to throw my hat in for any textual or graphic duties. I’ve done all sorts of copywriting and branding work and have managed/edited literary journals in the past too, and it seems like the literary journal is a similar model to what’s being proposed. A la, guest editors, content curated within a specific scope that’s collaboratively chosen, focus toward the work rather than the brand.


oh, this initiative makes me notice that I lost my regular status :scream:

which is actually a good thing as the badge ensures to be only on recently active line members.

great project @jasonw22 et al!


I’d be interested in curating a release as well.


@dadek Thanks for the kind words! I am still around, just don’t have a lot to say about gear anymore, and as this forum has become more and more eurorack focused (Not a criticism just an observation) I have become more focused on meditation and minimalism.

This is pretty timely as I’m currently working with a yet-to-launch collective on their visual identity.

On label Visuals:

I think that for most labels / collectives / etc. there should be a conscious decision as to whether visual identity aligns to the artists individually or to the collective as a whole. Neither is right or wrong. Something like Detroit Underground ( http://detroitunderground.net/ ) is a great example of a visually strong label, perhaps at the expense or individual artists’ own visual identity.

A label such as XL offers total visual freedom to it’s collaborators, a real strength when you see such disparate art as: http://xlrecordings.com/watch/113 and http://xlrecordings.com/watch/114 (Note the adjacent release numbers). Perhaps that’s at the expense of the labels’ own visual identity.

A happy medium might be something like NinjaTune (https://www.ninjatune.net/home) which definitely has a certain look and feel about their releases, but isn’t strictly curated…

In my opinion as this community has been birthed from Monome, it’d be a shame to lose the beautifully constructed minimalist identity that @tehn and @kelli_cain have spent so long curating. Everything from the screen-printed packageing, to the websites, to the PCB designs, to their writing screams a holistic approach to their work and outlook. It’s something I think a lot of us have found intensely attractive about Monome in it’s various forms, and I think it’d be a real missed opportunity to not continue the tradition in a net-label.

Regardless of the approach taken, I’d be more than happy to offer help and work to either community members looking for artwork themselves, or to the label as a whole. The kind of thing I do is pretty clear from my website: www.awonderfulkindofimpossible.co.uk

TLDR: Monome is beautifully curated, hit me up for artwork.


totally agree!

so, to summarize a bit (quoted from tehn post’s)

  • "each release is sponsored/shepherded/guided by a team of two lines members-- but the artist doesn’t need to be a lines member.

  • the “team” members are level 3 (about 40 people) or level 2 (roughly 300 people).

  • the ‘team’ consists of two people who appreciate the work of a third person, and approach that third person to create new work for the label. (if they have something in
    process, that’s fine. i’d prefer for a release to be at least 50% new
    material, not previously released publicly.)

-so, let’s start working on a document (mission/howto/charter/whatever) and refine it. and then we can all get to it-"


should we make a new thread to define this mission, how to, charter, etc?


what i like most about this idea is that is initiated and organized by an loosely connected community of people from all over the world. the open character of it maybe makes it difficult to organize and realize, but i think in the end it can be it’s strength.


loving how this is unfolding. i’d love to contribute


A new thread is likely a great idea for discussing the document, but probably not where it needs to be written.

Unfortunately the l.llllllll github repository wiki requires contributor access to edit, so that’ll need to be limited to the folks on this list: http://llllllll.co/badges/3/regular

We can leave it more open by using this to write the charter:
Anybody with that URL can edit the document. There is a timeslider, so that it should be possible to back up if the page happens to get vandalized.

I wouldn’t think of this as the final destination for the document, but more of a scratchpad for us to develop our ideas.

I’d recommend getting the headings in place and at least some placeholders for the text under the headings. An outline, more or less.

Once we have that we should have a good idea about who is most interested in working on the charter, and we can get those people signed up as wiki contributors to finish the job in a more permanent place.

A charter for l.llllllll.co netlabel