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@Simeon, you and @laborcamp should chat…


I’ll have a go at some charter stuff over the next few days. I’ll start a new thread about it now.

Edit: The thread is here:


Does anyone think it would be neat to use ‘The Unlicense’ in a musical release?


…ended up buying that taylor deupree & marcus fischer cd because of this thread!


Bump!!! Let’s do this.


The biggest obstacle from my point of view is the lack of a high quality open source audio player that will work equally well in desktop and mobile browsers. Bonus if it also works with oembed so that it’s easy to embed players in forums like this one. When this idea started I thought I might have time to take an existing player and then write the code required to bring it up to the level of a Bandcamp or SoundCloud embeddable player, but that free time vanished a long time ago.

But that’s my perspective. At one point not all that long ago I seem to remember @tehn mentioned still working on this behind the scenes, so maybe he has a plan…


Certainly one idea (that @tehn suggested at one point) is to simply use Bandcamp. I’ve warmed to that idea considerably since it was first suggested.


A big problem will be, who will decide what gets released and what not! If every participant of the Junto’s sends in a demo… that will be a lot of listening and judging.


Don’t want to derail the thread but I have a stupid question: how/why would you host a netlabel on github? I have to confess I’ve never understood it. Perhaps the interface has something to do with that.


It was just a web hosting strategy.


I’m not a programmer, but I do run a small business, have several years of experience as a project manager, and have always wanted to be a part of label, so I’m officially throwing my hat in the ring for PM/administrative duties :]


Unless I completely missed a change in plans it would be simple: two curators encourage somebody to record a project which gets released upon completion.

By the time the three people involved in producing/revising the album agree that it’s done nobody else should need to approve or deny entry into the catalog.

The main decision would be release order (if several albums are finished simultaneously)


You have not missed any change of plans.


I also have experience running a small scale label (Coniine Tapes) and working in the music industry in general. Currently working on web dev as a hobby, as well. I don’t know everyone’s take on org theory, but it could be good for this project to have a small team of admins who serve as support for hosting and behind the scenes work. I’m interested in working on that team (seems like @kimchiboy is interested in that as well).

re: high quality open source audio player

this seems like parallel project, but not necessary a prerequisite to get started!


It’s not exactly a prerequisite, but it raises the question of “why not just use bandcamp for hosting?” simplifies the technical aspects of running this thing considerably.

If we made a decision to do that we could move straight on to identifying curators and artists for active projects.


From my perspective, making a decision on hosting is not a blocker to identifying curators and artists for projects.

I would go as far as to say that hosting doesn’t even need to be decided before any projects are finished; only before one is released. Not that we shouldn’t focus on a hosting decision, but it can be done in parallel with curating and producing.

If there’s no consensus by the time a project is finished, it could even be up to the curators themselves to decide where to host that release.


Just chiming in with my support for the current thinking. Let’s get this thing going :slight_smile:


fyi we’re up to 106 “regulars” https://llllllll.co/admin/users/list/regular

whom would be the people to pair up for each release (of a third person)

i’m not really interested in having a netlabel just for the sake of collecting the lines’ collective output: ie, yet another netlabel. i think this collaborative approach is new, interesting, and worth doing.

what this needs to get going:

  1. minimal site, player
  2. hosting
  3. howto and mission statement text
  4. people’s good faith to team up and start making releases

addressing each individually:

a minimal site should be pretty easy to execute. the player has been more of a blocker, but perhaps the landscape has changed. i’d rather not use bandcamp as the navigation experience is pretty depersonalized and doesn’t give a cohesive label identity. one thing to consider is our general feelings about streaming vs. downloading. i’m personally for downloading. streaming is typically a “preview” activity, unless it’s netradio/live/etc. i’m preferential towards file “ownership” (loaded word, but you know what i mean). so even at first we could do without an elegant player, just have links to files which would take you to something like: https://monome.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/tehn_incapacity.mp3 DO’s player. and then a link with a full .zip

hosting, i’m happy to start off using DO. i have a “spaces” hooked up to monome, it’s a lot of space (and bandwidth, i think)

howto and mission text. middle last year i started writing this up while on tour w/ @instantjuggler and decided i should just make some decisions to get it started. so some parts of this may be controvesial (ie, the only visual convention is no embedded art (embed just a solid color, white or black or something) with the idea that all art/txt/extras would be bundled in with the .zip payload and individually linked with the track listing. but we can discuss the finer points and i’ll try to explain my rationalizations and i’m open to make changes.

here’s the start of the text

l.llllllll.co netlabel

Netlabel l.llllllll summary

anarchic / decentralized / open-source / non-heirarchical

community-initiated, determined by metrics of participation.

to support creation and visibility of new work.

providing a process and dialog, distributing responsibility

- two members initiate a project with an artist (from anywhere)
- open dialog for feedback, guidance, assistance to facilitate maximum quality
- completed project is added to the release queue
- further discussion upon release

- work by a single artist (collabs/groups??)
- no comps
- featured artists/instrumentalists/etc ok
- digital only
- free
- streaming via site and download
- physical releases encouraged for self-release, give attribution to l.llllllll.co
- bandcamp suggested?

- extremely minimal site
- album art is blank
- all accompanying projects encouraged, ie art, video, poetry, code (digital assets)
- catalog number and date not prominent

- monthly to begin, with first release complete upon announcement

- hosted site managed my small group of admins
- DO object storage (?)
- forum topic: propspective netlabel releases
- forum topic: netlabel member proposals
- forum topic for each release
- server costs donated by monome for the moment

rodrigo and dan both frequent the lines community. they’ve been following new process explorations by fellow member ARTIST and wanted to encourage the creation of a complete work. rodrigo proposes the project to ARTIST, who agrees and provides some ideas for a direction for the project. dan makes a suggestion regarding process. ARTIST shows some sketches. rodrigo and ARTIST discuss structure. ARTIST completes tracks. dan assists in mixing. all agree upon completion. each write a short reflection on the process. the project is submitted to an admin who gets it on the schedule. when the time comes, the project is uploaded to the site, and a new discussion thread is started on lines for further exploration.

todo: blurb on rights retention, takedowns

so what we need are a few people (probably 3 max, with myself) that are dedicated to getting this moving.


I’ll be honest and say I’ve lost interest in being involved in this, except perhaps as an artist eventually. Just thought I’d make that clear since I had previously been somewhat active in these threads.


Is using an <audio> tag and letting the player be handled by the browser not acceptable? If a player is important, AmplitudeJS looks decent and is released under the MIT license.