LA - House Show: r beny / hark madley / izapa / rheya / kittyspit



dang, that’s just a few days before I’m planning to move down to LA. hope it’s a good one!

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you should come early :slight_smile:


I’m moving to LA for this show. Somebody please help me pack.


This would be inspiring I’m sure. To whom do we dm?

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i would be the one to DM :slight_smile: will send you the details.

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this is going to be fun :slight_smile:

thank you @David_Rothbaum for putting this on.


change of date and time! now on Sunday the 26th at 1pm! this way we can all go see Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, @shellfritsch & @stripes on Saturday night!

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im super into this and will try to come out

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awesome, thanks :)!!


New here and to the LA music scene. Hopefully I’ll get DM privileges in time for the show. I think new users here can’t do that for a bit?

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I am in the same boat as Kyle. In la want to go but cannot dm yet.

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