Label Obsession: Giegling


I rarely like the cool things or i rarely intersect with something that is popular but often i find things that are niche and often pricey. Recently i have been obsessed with the German label, Giegling, thier sub label Forum and what i assume the next generation is called Planet Uterus.

This runs in parallel with my record collector obsession with the Gilga imprint of Felix K’s Hidden Hawaii/Nullpunkt

I can’t like anything that are 3 for a dollah – everything has to be a 400$ boxset.

can i get a witness?



Giegling have indeed put out some great records, sad that the collective is tainted by co-founder Konstantin’s bullshit opinions –



Yup, happy to have Traumprinz escape and begin to do his/her own thing under new guises.



I read the articles and tweets and that is sad. it sounds like someone got hurt boo-boo feelings that women DJs are getting promoted more? I assume in Europe DJs are promoted more? I am new to that too i guess, but it seems it’s cost him dearly with associates distancing themselves --It certainly has not hurt the prices of the music on discogs from what i can tell but i also find it interesting that the acts that the fellow Konstantin are associated with musically are the least interesting on the label.

Gonna check out discwoman next



i wonder if that was the reasoning behind the Planet Uterus naming



i checked out discwoman and spoke with a DJ in portugal who responded to some of the postings

There was quite a bit NOT in that post which according to the woman i spoke with [who i will not divulge]
who knew/knows Konstantin and said he’s really nice and anyone who knows him [she apparently does] knows he’s kind and has a silly sense of humour. i shared an exchange with her of facebook PM and said she HAD been given DJ gigs because she was a woman without them even hearing her set.

I asked if there was some reason for that and her guess/estimation is that Clubowners will expect the female DJ to dress more provacatively and work on image more than the male DJs. I found all of this quite interesting

While i do not agree with his opinion regarding DJs/promotion it really is just an opinion – not a Weinstein. I an not excusing or admiring it, just wanted to dig a little more after the posts here.

Maybe you can relate to the “hey i like this label/artist” and then you’re told they are a misogynist or something kind of irked me a bit.
I did check out discwoman artists too and listened to a bunch of their mixes that was a nice bonus too