Laboratorio Elettronico Popolare (L. E. P. )

Is there already a thread on this board to discuss Laboratorio Elettronico Popolare gear? If so, please delete this and accept my apologies. If not…

Would anyone like to discuss Laboratorio Elettronico Popolare gear? I find myself a fan of this manufacturer.

Their Cassa drum was my very first Eurorack module but prior to that, I had rocked both the beautiful, inscrutable LepLoop (v1) and the Multicassa.

The Multicassa was a complete revelation to me as a drum machine. Programming hits with clock divider knobs blew my mind and eventually led me to mate with Tip Top’s Trigger Riot module. It’s like the anti-x0x programming philosophy. Plus it sounds fat.

I’ve got their new machine, the Arpopone, in the mail right now and will report back.

They make a lot more gear than what I’ve mentioned above. Anyone else into this stuff?


Leploop user here :sunglasses:

I know Tony
(with Giovanni they form L.E.P. - People’s Electronic Laboratory) and is a great guy,
he’s a pioneer of the italian chiptune/micromusic scene and he’s a member of the audiovisual collective named Otolab too.

I had the first version of the leploop years ago, in fact it was my first synth.
Its sequencer was a mistery to me but in this second version is definitely much more manageable.

Well I am a fan. :sweat_smile:

This is all good news.

I’ll need to check out the Italian micromusic scene - which I know nothing about.

The sequencer on the LepLoop V.1 is a complete mystery to me, too. Somehow, though, if you keep messing around with it, amazing stuff becomes real.

Also, I have been playing with the new Arpopone. It is choice. Here is a track w/ LEP Arpopone, LEP Multicassa, and Yamaha Tenori-On as sound sources.

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AN IMMERSION IN THE DEATH POSTURE - four Leploop groovebox machines - YouTube not mine x4