Laboratorio Elettronico Popolare (L. E. P. )

Is there already a thread on this board to discuss Laboratorio Elettronico Popolare gear? If so, please delete this and accept my apologies. If not…

Would anyone like to discuss Laboratorio Elettronico Popolare gear? I find myself a fan of this manufacturer.

Their Cassa drum was my very first Eurorack module but prior to that, I had rocked both the beautiful, inscrutable LepLoop (v1) and the Multicassa.

The Multicassa was a complete revelation to me as a drum machine. Programming hits with clock divider knobs blew my mind and eventually led me to mate with Tip Top’s Trigger Riot module. It’s like the anti-x0x programming philosophy. Plus it sounds fat.

I’ve got their new machine, the Arpopone, in the mail right now and will report back.

They make a lot more gear than what I’ve mentioned above. Anyone else into this stuff?


Leploop user here :sunglasses:

I know Tony
(with Giovanni they form L.E.P. - People’s Electronic Laboratory) and is a great guy,
he’s a pioneer of the italian chiptune/micromusic scene and he’s a member of the audiovisual collective named Otolab too.

I had the first version of the leploop years ago, in fact it was my first synth.
Its sequencer was a mistery to me but in this second version is definitely much more manageable.

Well I am a fan. :sweat_smile:

This is all good news.

I’ll need to check out the Italian micromusic scene - which I know nothing about.

The sequencer on the LepLoop V.1 is a complete mystery to me, too. Somehow, though, if you keep messing around with it, amazing stuff becomes real.

Also, I have been playing with the new Arpopone. It is choice. Here is a track w/ LEP Arpopone, LEP Multicassa, and Yamaha Tenori-On as sound sources.

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AN IMMERSION IN THE DEATH POSTURE - four Leploop groovebox machines - YouTube not mine x4


Got the Leploop v3 midi out figured. In retrospect the solution would have been possible to reach just by following the manual. But with all the other beautiful kinks of the device it was difficult to trust my judgement and intellect. I reached out to the designer Tonylight and got a simplified guide.

Build a midi 5 pin DIN to 3.5mm mini-jack adapter with the specifications: Midi 4 to jack tip, 5 to jack sleeve. Attach the adapter and set Leploop CLOCK to EXT. Tap the tempo using Sh1 button and external devices will follow Leploop. In this configuration external midi can also be used to control Leploop and the clock sends out sync acting as a midi trough.

The manual reads “MIDI clock input accepts also clock24 and many others pulse clock inputs”. Has anyone figured this out? I tried sending sync24 to the corresponding clock/start 5 pin DIN inputs but no avail.

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that would be mine…


Cool! Are you keeping them on sync between leploops or externally?

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for that session…all four were synced Ext from a Cirklon.

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