Laggy Monome Buttons


All the buttons in the top two rows of my walnut 128 seem to be slower and less responsive than the rest. I disassembled the monome and cleaned the connections with isopropyl alcohol, but the problem remains.

To add, I own both a Walnut 128 (from an early batch) and a GS 64. The buttons on my GS 64 work flawlessly and trigger with little pressure, however on the 128 all the buttons require much more pressure to trigger.

What should I try to do next? Is it possible to make my Walnut 128 buttons as responsive as my GS 64?

I had the same problem. After disassembling and cleaning everything several times, I just bought new buttons from Tehn - for a 256 - and it completely changed the feel of the whole thing. Well worth the money.

Hmm, interesting. What was it about the new buttons that you think made them more responsive?

the material formula was refined over the years.

A good cleaning of the buttons and pcb helped my monome to be more responsive again:

@tehn was the material formula refined before the production of the gs64?

I definitely would like to order a new set of buttons for my walnut 128, I’m trying to decide if I should order some for my gs64 as well.

@kza fyi i attempted to share this information in the main docs:

@C_Bishop i’d only consider replacing the pads if you’re actually having trouble with them. if there’s trouble, new pads will help.

unfortunately i’m out of replacements right now and waiting on a new shipment, it’s some time off


Ahh I see, I’ll check back in a few weeks.

Thank you.