Landscape Allflesh

Little touchplates/jacks to patch modulars with your fingers.

Available for preorder now, requires a bit of DIY but quite cheap ($26-28 for a pack of 10)…


Ordered! Been looking forward to these.

I got one too, thanks for the reminder!
They should be easy to replicate diy though, with jacks and coins or something like that. Or is there something else inside?

Ordered! Thanks for posting or I might’ve missed them. Been waiting for these to be released since I saw Landscape start posting about them. Still desperately want to get a Stereo Field!

Yeah, I ordered some too.
Certainly worth a try: if these work as I hope they would, it will be a great way to add as a different tactile element to live performance.

Personally hoping that they’ll replace my Pulp Logic 1U FSR sensor tile. Plus there’s 10 of them in the kit as opposed having just one in my system. We’ll see how it goes, can’t wait for them to ship.

Anybody know if this is dangerous? :grin:

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It’s not the voltage that will kill you, it’s the current. Modular synths do not run high current power.

Ever touch a 9V battery to your tongue? You can feel it, but it won’t injure you.

Just ordered mine. I think the Richard Devine demo routing and re-routing gate/pitch to multiple oscillators sealed it for me.

yeah i’m totally keen. really looking forward to using these to bridge clock streams for percussion and the like.

Ordered! Really looking forward to using them

I’m no DIY’er, but this seems fairly simple doesn’t it?
I have no soldering experience, but can anyone more experienced tell me if this would be an ok place to start? Never felt the urge to DIY, but these really caught my interest.

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Could you convert these for Banana jacks, or would the fact that Bananas dont carry ground be an issue?

i’m guessing it should be pretty simple. you will need to heat the solder well and make it really flow to make the mechanical connection i imagine.

make sure you have a decent iron and leaded solder.

Since I just got/built/started using my AllFlesh, thought I’d start this back up. For sure they’re innovative and unique and I’m having a Ton of fun with them. Would highly recommend!


They’re really fun!

It’s so weird to look at an oscilloscope and know that the voltage you’re seeing is flowing through your entire body.

Also helped me understand why i sometimes get mysterious voltages from who knows where. It’s apparently quite easy to complete circuits you didn’t even realize existed.

Weirdness aside, it gives you a really tactile and expressive control over voltages. Much more expressive than a knob, in my opinion.


Can’t wait for my order to show up!

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Yes, lot’s of fun.

Two things that occurred to me in use:

  1. It sort of boils down to one or two signal/connections at a time… Somehow I was imagining that I would be connecting multiple things with all the fingers. And to a degree that is the case, though more as “mixing” signals. Which leads me to :

  2. With a bunch of them plugged in different places: outputs and inputs, it seems easy to connect output to output. Especially if two hands are involved. I wonder how dangerous/problematic this could be?

Also, I noticed that a number of out coming gates (like from the 4ms clock divider/multiplier) seem to lose just enough voltage to render them ineffective, or just spotty. I did not expect precision from these little pads, but my anticipated use had to do mainly with triggers and gates, so was a bit bummed that so many of my gate/trigger sources ended up not firing enough juice.

All in all: just starting to explore what the best use scenario for these will be.

Time will tell.
But maybe you can tell as well?


Oh yeah, and for the assembly, I recommend using a wooden clothespin for positioning and first solder!:


I think your body would act like a massive protection resistor, so it should be fine.

I tested them and survived: