Landscape HC-TT: Human Controlled Tape Transport

This looks great.


It is an extremely fun little box and makes for certain and surprising Octatrack food.

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i love this, thank you for posting. i have drawings in my sketchbook of a similar device-- so glad someone else made it to prevent my project-backlog-anxiety


Obviously not my pic - landscape posted this today:



That’s beautiful. What is it??

Hmmm… the blue thing at the bottom is a cassette tape!

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Looks like the updated hc-tt they’ve been planning!


Do you know what the update will involve? The original was super cool.

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@yoyosandshoes @cmcavoy Yes, it’s a prototype for the new HC-TT (Human Controlled Tape Transport - love that name! :smiley: )

@disquiet On IG he mentions that the smaller black knob is for reverse playback. Some kind of effect (delay?) would be really cool. I wonder what the blue knobs does… Also, by the looks of it, there seems to be some kind of touch sensitive surface - similar to the stereo field (?)


Thanks! That surface-touch aspect makes sense. We shall see!


the little knobs on the bigger knobs for the transport control make this seem WAY more ergonomic than the original!

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so beautiful, i love his designs so much. can’t wait to find out what all of the touch plates do.

also, are those 1/4" jacks on top? interesting choice.

i loved the idea and design of the original, but it seemed more like a curiosity/novelty than instrument to me. hopefully the touchplates/cv control will make this more useful for me.

Not sure there will be any cv - he mentions that real quick in the comments at IG as well, and writes:

No cv still HC-Human Control


This update is rumored to also include recording capability!!!


Any updates on this from superbooth? I guess @rodrigo said he couldn’t figure it out but I’m itching to know what those knobs do!


Granted, I didn’t ask (though it seemed like no one was really manning the booth when I came by). One knob appeared to be a gain/volume for the tape mechanism, but that’s as far as I got to with what the rest of the stuff did.


Looking to buy a HC-TT and want to make sure that I’m buying the most recent version.

Are the greenish yellow and the jade green HC-TTs all version 2. Some of the green ones say version 2, some of them don’t
Is the silver version 1?
If not, what’s the difference between green and yellow? Or are some of those different?

Thanks in advance!

the silver is v1 and the PCB ones are v2. I think the color differences are really just a product of lighting conditions. Sometimes mine looks much more green depending on the light.

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If you’re using audio in while a tape is mounted, does the audio input get mixed with the tape?

I saw someone on IG using a motor control with a rubber band attached to the forwards knob. Has anyone here had experience with this? I looked around on the internet and it looks like they’re easy to find, but small and looks like they’d fall over. Can you attach these to something? It would be nice to be hands free. Also wondering if you can easily overpower the motor, so you can interact with the knobs a little while the motor control is trying to keep it going in one direction.

Can you elaborate on what cassettes can and cannot be used with the HC-TT and why?

Thanks so much!