Landscape Soundwich

Has anyone got themselves one of the Landscape Soundwichs yet? They look very interesting and I can think of a few good applications for them (like tactile momentary control over feedback), but I’ve not been able to find any reviews or videos on them apart from little instagram clips. Thonk have started stocking the kits in the UK, and they’re cheap enough that I’ll probably just get one, but does anyone have any thoughts / experiences so far?


Thanks for starting this thread. I was in the same boat as you—curiosity piqued, developing ideas, and wasn’t sure, so I went ahead and ordered a pre-built one last week so I could experiment with it.

I just started a new job last week and haven’t had much time at all to do anything musical, but hopefully in the next couple of days I will. I’ll definitely share what I figure out with it and would be curious to hear how others use it.


I want one partly because I love Landscape’s approach to sound and design, but can’t afford to splash out on their proper units (one day…) It looks satisfyingly multi-functional though. Fixed filters and momentary control are really useful for internal feedback, plus its tiny and passive.


Yeah! I build the kit version last year. Pretty cool concept. I mostly use it as a shaker to trigger other things. I haven’t used the filter too much, but lots to explore there. I bet it will be cool with the new Meng Qi Wingie.


Highly recommend it with the Field kit / Field kit FX, can cover Ears functionality. I use it to trigger the LPG for nice little stabs and as a shaker to loop / delay through the FX. Really cool little piece of kit and I love the look.

Soundwich / All Flesh are easy DIY and must haves


I picked one up when they first came out and I honestly just use it as a shaker/fidget thing. It looks really nice though, I like having on my desk.


I have a Field Kit FX, so that’s great to hear! A shaker and contact mics are always useful for noise and improvising contexts. Seems like something that could be chucked into pretty much any gig bag and turn out useful.

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just built one from the diy kit, it’s my new favorite fidget toy


I picked one up yesterday and have really enjoyed playing with it so far. For something so simple, there is a lot of potential for use (especially in a live setting).

For eurorack it’s a nice supplement to Ears as a contact mic, and is also a fun way to advance a sequencer or trigger envelopes. I’m interested in exploring it more as a percussive instrument and for passing CV & audio through