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Yes, default versions of win10 are infested with annoying bloatware. No such issues with LTSC.

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Absolutely. It’s just the nicest thing laptop Mac owners have had access to this far.

@analogue01 - yes true. Probably comes down a lot to how you look after it also. My anecdotal evidence is probably drawn from PC friends as I’ve watched them wrestle with and then retire said machines around that point.

I also agree with the above PC issues around maintenance. I’ve found if I use a PC for a fairly limited explicit purpose, I can keep the OS fairly lean, to the point performing a reinstall is basically a non-issue.

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+1 to the thinkpad x1 carbon. the battery, screen, and ssd are all user replaceable and linux works perfect on it. i use a mac book for work, but if i had to refresh ever i would probably stick with a linux machine.

i really do love OS X, but i can’t reconcile the fact that it’s basically a closed system compared to other alternatives.

I have to also say, fit and finish aside, there’s been elements to Apple’s sort of comings and going’s as far as sort of business relationships are going at present/lately, that sort of irk me. I know Apple has this high moral stance it likes to project, and a garage ethic that sort of often underpins the image of the company, but truth is Apple is very different these days. I’m not swayed away from them in any serious way, but their approach lately to the way they host people on their platform has been kind’ve gross, it’s something I’m keeping an eye on and definitely if they keep being so aggressive could definitely push me away from Apple if the features and services I want no longer appear on the platform.

When it comes to longevity, having Apple vs PC discussion seems to be least helpful.

There are plenty of problems in PC world, I’m using post-IBM Lenovo and the build quality is just not there anymore. Yeah, there are plenty of old IBM thinkpads still kicking but you can not go to a shop and buy that quality. The same goes for Apple. Yes, old Apple laptops can last 10 years but there are cases in court about the post 2015 machines because many of these wont last even two years (we have a dedicated thread about Apple issues). Even if you are able to run 10 y old macbook, you are locked out from updating your OS and are unable to use the apps requiring the new OS. Also, very few laptops are used for long period of time in their original configuration and with the new Apple laptops the upgrades (not even bigger ssd) are not possible anymore.

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I recently got one of these : , pretty good so far running Touchdesigner , Max 8 and Ableton 10 , I can also play Death Stranding .

There’s also this version for special agents :


Have you used this for any music stuff, by any chance?

EDIT: Sorry, just read your post properly. How does it run for music stuff - I’m thinking of replacing my aging i5 with something similar.

Only recording hardware synths into Ableton via Focusrite soundcard and ORCA sequencing OP-Z , I’ll try softsynths soon.

Ah, cool. Yeah, I’d be interested to hear how you get on.

Was initially looking for something with the 4800H processor, but if the 4600 does the job…

Ok , will update thread.

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How’s the fan noise on that? It’s one of the most appealing “gaming” laptops for sure, especially considering its size. Only missing Thunderbolt - which is something I’ve gotten used to with macs/intel now - but that’s an easy sacrifice.

Don’t get a ROG. They are loud as fuck in my experience.


I thought the T series was still good. For mac depends on the model. The early touchbar sucked (bugs etc), the early retina sucked (underpowered integrated graphics), the early thin iMac sucked (burning LCDs from GPU heat).

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Can get loud playing games , though has settings for performance , silent and Windows.

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Just wanted to share my experience with computer as my last laptop died and i decided to go back to having a desktop computer and my experience has been hugely positive toads working on computers…less issues…faster…less noise…cheaper…way bigger screen…no need to feel with usb dongles…and over all attitude for my self has been improved. I recommend thinking about your need for a laptop vs your wanting of a laptop when going into this thread.

Sure, but it’s nowhere near of the quality of IBM thinkpads. The metal case is replaced by the composite materials, the latching is removed, overall building quality is rather average. There are also design flaws like recent thunderbolt 3 error.

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I think I get where you’re coming from, but I also appreciate that the thinkpads are much less a closed system compared to mbps, though I don’t want to start a “this vs that” discussion so much. You can get a second hand x1 think pad for ~$350 and have a daily workhorse for most computing tasks which I think is stellar given it’s form factor.

I think it’s reasonable to say that the quality of laptops and electronic devices in general has diminished greatly in the past decade or so. I feel like there isn’t a single manufacturer that I can unequivocally say is like… good? It’s at a point where when deciding what to use you have to pick the thing that sucks the least.


Anyone using one of the new AMD T14? It’s the first laptop that’s powerful enough to tempt me away from my W520, which is still going strong but running a little hot and heavy as it approaches its 10th birthday.


Anyone have any experience with Razer laptops for a/v stuff?

I’ve seen this recommendation elsewhere on the forum, but I’ve been unable to figure out what generation it applies to. What should one look for? (‘cause when I search for “thinkpad x1,” results tend to be all the modern carbon models for ~$1000+.)