three play-heads, one rec-head

initially inspired by one of the Ct5 modes. you get one record head and three play heads. all of which are vari-speed. thanks to softcut, this initial concept was easy to flesh out a bit with controls for amplitude, panning, and a filter per play-head. lfo’s and norns controls to come.


norns - 201202 or later


getting started guide




Lovely video. Looking forward to digging into this.

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yay, it’s here!

so looking forward to jumping into this.

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Congrats! This is so much great fun.

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a looooong time ago i traded my ct5 to get an organelle
then sold the organelle to help fund norns purchase
so this is the end of a very weird full circle lol


yes yes yes y’all! a new @Justmat script for anew year :pray:

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this is now available in the maiden project manager!


Oh yes! The hype was strong since I’ve seen a post on your IG.
Thank you for this🖤


This is every bit as awesome as I hoped it would be (and I’ve only scratched the surface so far). Thank you so much!


this is so god damn cool. i love it

so easy to use. i just mapped all params to my little nanokontrol and im sliding this clip around, squishing it, sliding the playheads all over the place. a lot of fun and incredibly useful. great work

would it be possible to make rec toggle midi mappable?


for sure! i will add it to the list for a forthcoming update


hey ya!!!
dove into this one quite a bit tonight!
your scripts are so cool as always!

could you add ye old S&H LFO to toggle on and off the record button?
or…maybe a random probability % like Cheat Codes has for the record?


LFO’s are coming “soon”, i’ll make sure the record toggle is modulatable :slight_smile:

edit: lfo’s are a thing. still have a couple things to add before announcing an update, but it’s close!


Word! I literally just added Lua LFOs with Arc speed controls for the Sines lib. It was mostly copy pasted. Moving all that logic into a lib was on my list. The LED ring speed redraw function in Cccccccc I found very easy to work with.

update v1.01

4 lfo’s

  • sine, square, or s+h
  • lfo targets:
    • amplitude/volume
    • panning
    • filter cutoff
    • record toggle

i’ve also wrapped record toggle into a param, @encephalitislethargi, should be midi map-able now!

update via the maiden project manager :slight_smile:


hey ya!

went right for the s&h on all LFOs and i noticed a lot of clicking when set to pan.
i set them all to sines and the clicking went away.
settings were around 90-100 for depth and 0.5 - 1.5 for freq.

am i doing something wrong or is this an inherit behavior when s&h pans are set?

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hmmm, i will look into it this morning. clicking while panning is definitely not the intended behavior :slight_smile:

edit: so i was able to repro the clicks, not sure exactly what the root cause is, but setting the pan slew param to a non zero value (per voice) fixes it.

i’ll push a change to the default pan slew amount as a fix.

edit the second: pan slew update pushed. update via the maiden project manager.


alright, i’m up to date on norns and i have Larc 1.01 and i don’t see Rec Toggle anywhere except as a lfo destination. any idea what i’m doing wrong here?

i appreciate you doing that, by the way. i wish all sampler scripts had this function. so cool. you rule


you’re not doing anything wrong! it’s a couple of different things on my end. i had the parameter hidden, thinking it would still show up in the mapping menu. having fixed that i am noticing that it doesn’t seem like trigger type params are mappable.

i’ll have a bit of time later to work out a fix.


I really love this. Thanks for making it! Works great with no fuss.

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