Large Touchscreen Monitor and Raspberry Pi?

Does anyone know of any larger touchscreen monitors that are compatible with Raspberry Pi? I’d love to get a rotating or just portrait touchscreen monitor that is compatible with Raspberry Pi.

Larger than…? How big are you wanting?

Adafruit has a 7in HDMI touchscreen for RasPi. I also found a 10in one on Amazon (along with various 7in displays).

I’m thinking around 10.5" and larger.

I have an ASUS multitouch monitor (24 inches? Something like that), which some have made work with the raspberry pi, but I was not able to.

I don’t remember what the problem was; I think it came down to the USB chipset on some boards being more compatible than others, and me being unlucky in ending up with the wrong one.

I should revisit this idea, see if newer pi builds are more consistent.

I’m gonna give this Viewsonic 22" Touchscreen monitor a whirl with the Raspberry Pi. I’ve read reports that it works. I’ll report back.

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Basic takeaway from the Viewsonic 22" touchscreen is that it works out of the box. Meaning that Linux will recognize one touch point and move the mouse pointer to that point. Some calibration is needed initially as it doesn’t read the edges of the screen well. But I figure that can be fixed easily. Next step would be figuring out the best multi touch gesture software on linux to fully use the 10-point multitouch. Promising!