Late July Improvisation Hangout?

I’m gauging interest and also not sure if it’s just a bad idea wrt Covid delta variant etc. But here’s the idea and please give me your thoughts:

I’ve been spending the summer as the Art|Work Artist in Residence at 32M Center for Creative Work basically rehabbing an old building on the border of NH and VT.

I think by late July I’ll have enough of it cleared out that there will be a couple studio spaces, a mostly functional kitchen, and bathrooms. I’d like to have a weekend of hanging out and making music in small group settings, recording, video/photo/documenting.

The purpose being to make music together, document the creative outcomes, and generate some media for participants and the space itself.

Everyone would need proof of vax. Probably 5 people total (there are some rooms and a couple beds but the sleeping quarters area is still pretty rough). Not a good setting for kids and pets due to the ongoing construction.

Is this idea a bad one, given Covid? Is this something you’d want to be invited to?


Can’t join due to being from overseas, but I support this kind of stuff with all my heart. If everyone would be vaxed, how can it be a bad idea?


I’d love to do something like this but realistically probably not for another year or so, given the variants and related concerns.

Edit: The current medical thinking is that while the vaccines are likely to be somewhat effective in dealing with the nasty new variants, the overall efficacy is expected to be reduced.

For seriously at risk people, that could still be life threatening. And that’s for known variants, we have no idea what might be coming in the future.

I have vulnerable family members, so I will stay as cautious as I can while trying to do some things outside the house.

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I’m abroad, too, but love this idea and really hope you can get it off the ground. Negative tests and vaccines should give piece of mind for a small group like this.

The way it was explained by an epidemiologist on the BBC yesterday here in the UK, is that being vaccinated effectively reduces your ‘COVID age’ by 30 years (I think it was 30?). A 70 year old becomes as resilient as a 40 year old. 40 year olds can still get quite ill from this. There’s also long COVID … eeesh…

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