Latest label release UAN0001 (edit: added Bandcamp codes)

Maybe if the exchanges were as interesting as you say they were,
then maybe you can use something like to copy/paste it,
cause, as of now, I have no idea what a UAN is other than a Universal Account Number -
tho I can see something like that as inspiration in and of itself.
If the intent is to have a moniker that’s as, ummm, “unobtrusive” as possible,
then one could use a specially selected (or not: i.e. “random”) Unicode character,
but that may be not in line with whatever this subject is.

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I can access it fine. But I am unaware of the level needed to access that forum which is maybe the issue for those who cannot see the previous discussion.

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Yeah, you’re right, thx. I also just had someone helpful PM me pointing out it’s Member level only for this as in general/off-topic Open category posts, which that is. I’ve looked it up and believe Member is based on so many posts and grants you a trust level 2. Explains the confusion on my part.

maybe you can use something like to copy/paste it

Yeah that is worth some thought. I was actually going to extract everyone’s thinking into statements or something to unpick it but have yet to do that.

So for clarity for those not at Member level yet, originally the naming was to be something like Null, but UAN was formed out of experiencing many systems such as distribution or online tools, needing required fields filled out, which somewhat fixes our creative approach. One of the fields in Bandcamp is “Artist / band name” which has obvious reasons for it. UAN is a nod to Unrequested Artist / band name*. It also stands for Unique Application Number to track Visa applications, something me and my wife have basically lived under for as long as I can remember such is the UK Home Offices unhelpful and biased system. I can’t say this was in our mind when created this for the releases but was fitting and amusing. We had a t-shirt made similarly named Unrequested Genre Specification.

The intent is to challenge our engagement in music over artist, and as artists and collaborators opening possibilities in community and creative output focused around the output itself over who done it and everything that comes with that. It’s not really about being anonymous but more about creating ambiguity and shifting thinking and engagement.

It’s as much a creative approach as it is how we present the output really. I was certainly getting really confused recording under a few different aliases and basically wanted to free myself up and combined with the other thinking and experiences and the feedback (there was a fair amount of challenge) in the thread I linked to, formed the UAN output.

Great! Thanks for the explanation.
Long ago, I found myself in a somewhat similar situation
concerning the naming of works.

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The naming of works is something I always come up with either based on the gear that is used, the era or artist I am referencing/ripping off, or sometimes how I feel about it at the time. The one that always sticks out in my mind is a track I was struggling with one evening, I recorded where I was with it and named the file Effort, ended up liking it enough to release it haha. :nerd_face:

We just had the vinyl arrive moments ago. They look and sound great :nerd_face:
I’m excited so wanted to share the photos here.


20 characters of u74h-vluc :smiley: thanks!

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no probs, thank you :slight_smile:

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I grabbed h8js-3urp. Thank you!!

Looking forward to listening after work.

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no probs, enjoy. thx