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3:33 is GOLD, j. WHAT.

just made this. made this out of field recordings captured at a moog werkstatt workshop. the workshop was hosted by gray area foundation for the arts.


Never used kria or ww so I’m just now realizing their power (in a practical sense)…might try toggling between each with a footswitch to free up my hands further


experimental ambient. live performance for modular synthesizer and effects.

featuring: monome arc, grid, 2x ansible, earthsea, isms; orthogonal devices ER-301, qubit mixology, mutable instruments clouds, strymon el capistan & bluesky. detailed patch notes on the video page.


my latest EP (7 tracks), released this monday

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New track! Managed to make the Phenol sound pretty.


Here is a 14 minute ambient live session I recorded today.


when i can’t reverse-engineer my own process

ep preview

not part of that project
two from the aleph session last wk


Hello folks! I haven’t been on here for a while because I’ve been busy- but the good news is that I’ve also been productive-busy!
Played a bunch of live shows in Osaka and Ikoma this year and I’ve been archiving my sets on Soundcloud.
Gear for my live sets vary- sometimes an iPad running Borderlands Granular, other times handmade tape loops and pedals, or contact mics with live percussion objects, other times just a laptop and Ableton Live when I want to travel light, or any combination of the above… anyways.

Here are some recent live sets.


‘Sun from Lost’ is an extra-chill 14 minute live session to dream away to.

Expect some grid/ansible action in my future videos.


Remember that video I posted some time ago? Well the album is out now.

It’s probably a bad time to release anything (summer, people are hopefully enjoying their vacations and some fresh air/sun/nature), but it’s also an album which was mostly inspired by the feeling of a hot summer’s day, so it seemed fitting.
Also this is mostly a little for-fun side project… but I still hope you like it.

The album was created mostly with Nanoloop for iPhone, the rough sketches created there were then combined with field recordings and further edited and mangled in Ableton Live.


the album I finished earlier this year at the Rauschenberg Residency is now available for preorder!!!

It has been a long time coming and is my first full length solo release since 2012.
The album is an exploration of different kinds of loss … (death, generation loss, fidelity loss, election loss, the kind of loss that happens between a sound source and a microphone across great distances) … and what comes out of that loss. Sometimes coming out of loss you can discover new and surprising things.

there are a few preview tracks up on the bandcamp link.


A little sketch of some sound…

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i love that stuff you posted!!

thanks a lot dude! :slight_smile:

just released this today, a series of live loops mangled on the spot.

tape available from life like tapes


Where has this been all my life. So wonderful.