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Hi! I just joined the community.

I’ve been uploading single-session eurorack sketches to soundcloud since I started in modular not so long ago. I’m just kind of archiving my progression really, throwing everything out there uncensored. Usually one a week.
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My New Tape “Out Of The Picture” Will Be Released Via Phinery On September, 25th. You Can Already Pre-Order It On Bandcamp!

Have A Small Sneak Peak Right Here:

Take Note: Phinery Offers A “10 Cassette Autumn Batch Deal”!
So Go Get 'Em All For Just A Few Virtual Coins:
LXV - Inversion Method
More Eaze - 2stre3ss
Jim Strong - Vee and j. Rise after Car Burn
G.S. Sultan Redundancy Suite Remixes
Jesse Sparhawk - What Winter Was
BIrdy Earns - Out Of The Picture
Tourist Kid - Born To Do It
Christian Michael Filardo - Ennui Divine
Horaflora/Scy1e - Double Feature
Philippe Vandal - Tabu Blank


woof that second outtake is a jaaaaaaaam

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I’m new to the community here and really loving the vibe! I’ve been uploading soundscape stuff on my instagram periodically. Just did one with my 0-Coast yesterday:


I really love this! Wonderful vibes.

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heres a few pieces of ambient ear candy

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A little ambient thing I filmed today on my kitchen table. Morphagene with clouds, all modulated by Frap tools Sapel and Pamela’s new workout.


This is excellent (for 20 characters.)

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Here’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time and I finally got around to it when using Earthsea to tune various modules. The simple sequence of root, octaves and 5ths sounded oddly musical so I started from there. 2 Earthsea real time sequences, ES 1 clocks ES 2 via Teletype, with a 75% chance of generating a clock. ES 2 is transposed via Teletype using a 16 step pattern of numbers which work, musically, accessed semi randomly. Pitch bend sounding modulation and all other modulation from an un-sync-ed Benjolin. Lexicon reverb, El Capistan.


Only audio, and for a limited time only streaming on the BBC page (kind of shit that, but oh well):

When I’m next in Madrid I’ll film a version of this with @Angela.


A drone done with a rollz-5, t-resonator, a spring reverb and a macumbista benjolin:

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Made this scary ambient thing the other night then sent it through @Rodrigo’s c-c-combine

also i released this after a long bout of self doubting/hesitation, hope you enjoy!


this is beautiful, echoes of Eno and Basinski in there

New single out today :smile:
Sort of an alternate take on a ballad. With crazy gabber kicks at the end.


nice case, how many hp?

It’s an Intellijel 42hp case.

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What case is that, it’s lovely.

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Thanks so much! Definitely a big fan of both of those two. :slight_smile:

I have one, too. They are lovely!

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