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Hahahahaah that is quite poetic buddy!

“There should be a libpurple or ircLIB style command on this forum:” Would that be like a open jam kind of setup? There used to be one of those called ninjam I believe. It was cool. Played on it a couple times.

Also I will never wear pajamas in a video again.


libpurple is the linux library that xmpp chat services like gchat, facebook chat, and personal xmpp server worldwide rely on to make our client side chat softwares (on our PCs) like Pidgen, finch, gajim, empathy, adium, xabber do the things they do.

"/me … " in an xmpp chat shows up like:
raws secretly grins with happiness, sets up his camera to record, for its
nothing but a blizzard in his city, and its only because WE ALL CAN that
he may also be able.

basicly a way of communicating from the third person. hehehehe. i love linux. and debian is my keeper.

cool idea tho!

and we do have a magical little thing that lets our jams unite together… the UDP OSC packet over the ad-hoc!

Extended play…

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I am ill…and the only cure…is…

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Tried the simple shift register with Teletype (see ‘code exchange’ thread)


a little collection of my winter time guitar->octatrack->aleph improvisations , wrapping up 2015.


Bismuth is something I finished sketching out today. I think I am happy with this. (Might appear on a proper hosting site at some point).

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recording from last night:

Posted this in my M4L Loopo thread but it sounds like music, to me, also, which isn’t always the case with experiments…

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Just picked up this little synthino. Meadowphysics_2


Kind of an unusual video, but here is a video about the 10 year collaboration with my partner (Angela Guyton).


Very inspiring, thank you so much.

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i’m happy to share that i recorded an album of ambient music that will be coming out later this month on leaving records.


sounds great! congratulations with the album!

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so much great work on this thread.

i was a part of two releases in november - one was the first full length record by a mostly-improvised band i’ve been in forever called cedar av:

the other was my first solo ep under the name made of oak, here’s a video we shot for one of the songs on it:


@madeofoak great to see you here! i’ll be at moogfest this may, let’s meet up.

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here a little ambient shnth track