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New song!


Korg Minilogue- FieldScaper- Sector
Recorded in AUM
FX- Discord 4- Eos2- Zoom CDR 70x 2
Thanks for the ears!


Awesome! Would love to hear more about JF into this/that. Can’t hear any continuous pitch/speed changes. How is it set up (if not too complicated)? Would love to hear more tunes too

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If I recall correctly… I had loops set up on two W/, one fairly short and the other a bit longer. I was playing Mangrove/ 3 Sisters via Earthsea, for the piano like tones, split into both W// in LIVE mode. One JF sends triggers into a Cold Mac’s AND and OR inputs then into THIS on both W//s. Another JF modulates THAT to control overdub/overwrite amounts. I think I could have toggled input monitoring a couple times… but I am not sure.


Recorded backstage at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, CO.

Patch notes: in honor of Gem by ASM (Alexandra Sauser-Monnig, and produced by me) being released, I did a live reworking of her vocals via Morphagene, added a Volca Beats clocked from the modular for kick & snare through Optomix to sidechain drones from Just Friends in sound/cycle mode, played a Mother 32 baseline by hand, and ran the whole mix through a noisy, grain-delaying Clouds. Please go give the original a listen at and preorder the 7" if you want! I’m so honored of to be a part of her wonderful record.


quick teaser for cranes, an improvisational looper / delay for norns.
code up for review: Norns: code review

[extra special thanks to @stripes, @marcus_fischer + @glia for their testing + super valuable feedback. stunned by the generosity of lines every damn day.]


i’ve been in love since you privately shared the app
this demo is a wonderful showcase of its beauty


Foulplay on the Norns (rPi/push2 version)

Fourth World sessions July 23rd 2018


Trying for some neutral/tonal drones with the dual Plumbutter that fell into my hands a few weeks ago. Still a lot of headscratching moments, but quite happy with how this turned out.


little norns snippet



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Here’s another from me – these might be my favourite sounds that I’ve gotten out of my modular so far.

(Weird little glitch around the 3:45 mark from the Behringer audio interface whose bad reviews I really should have listened to)


First romp with the Marbles I got from @marcus_fischer

Brilliant module!

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I shoulda called this, ASMR Modular

fired up ansible meadowphysics for the first time in a while today (usually use kria) and was blown away by some of the accidental rhythms - definitely need to explore it more


Meadowphysics really opens up when you look into ranges and rules. You can get cycling resets too (A doesn’t reset itself but reset B,BA doesn’t reset itself but reset A). It can get hard to manage when you do a lot of this, but it can have a great effect when used sparingly.

latest Noise Study


Wow! That sounds and looks straight up amazing. Just wow!

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fixed my midi controller, made a track to celebrate.

Made this yesterday with a newly acquired Three Sisters.

Ive been watching my infant son while my partner is out of town, and been working on soothing drones during his naps.

He dug this one!