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quite the vibe, would love to know more about it

Ikebukuro :slight_smile:

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New album ‘I Am Error’ released on Spotify and other online music platforms. Enjoy!

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Thanks! It began as just something I built for sleeping/meditation/general relaxation time, but ended up liking the result so much that I figured I’d release some excerpts. (Mostly) in Pythagorean tuning with lots of octaves and fifths of tones in the original scale.


Partecipazione is a jam session for piano and mannequins just friends.


gonna drop the audio from the last open space w/ @zanderraymond & @dan_derks I just published here bc I think it deserves some love along with both their recent releases.

srsly, these turned out great as audio. zander’s improvisation sounds flawless as a full track and the sound of the room played vv nicely with his synthesis imo. dan surprised us with something of a “live sound + process” during his set, and with a bit of edits the audio makes for somewhat of a combined ep and podcast && it’s a great listen. for those of us who were waiting for a dan derks self-interview I think this might be the closest we’re gonna get (fingers crossed tho :crossed_fingers:). I’ve already published my set in at least five different iterations but hey it’s there too in case you want a refresh.

anyway, just a great listen. If you couldn’t make it to the show I’d rlly recommend checking it out.


The three of them are lovely ~

@dan_derks Did you use the same setup as on “Less concepts”? It works great as a sort of extension to the album; both conceptually and aesthetically.

Cheers ~ :herb:


I was wondering the same thing ! I thought it was the same setup, but listening back I’m hearing two voices which I didn’t think was possible with that rig but maybe I’m wrong

digitakt tune sample
Uakti “amazon River”

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Not electronic, but a new track I made last night. Ableton+Mpc 3000.

Big step for me with the opz and unity


This is an awesome set, you would have had me dancing for sure.

First serious ER-301 session today, which lead to something I think turned out ok! Just two layered single-take recordings.


more or less – skipped out on MN Function, Cold Mac + w/ for the live set, replaced by Just Friends and norns running cranes

voice 3Sis is tuned for octave span between two of its outputs, which are each gated by a low pass gate. one of them FM’s the filtering 3Sis the other is run into.

@andrew: thank you for organizing the show, capturing audio, and editing it all into a wonderful release <3

@nonwaved, thank you for the kind words! glad it resonated :slight_smile:


woah, that’s FM and not a Mangrove?? that’s wild

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Fhere’s my liveset from the Tokyo Festival of Modular 2018 at Studio Contact. This is recorded straight from the desk, no edits or post production. For monome/whimsical people, i’m using Ansible Kria, Just Friends (as oscillator and envelopes), Mangrove, Earthsea, Teletype and W/ and some er301 all played with Arc and Grid.


I use Ciat Lonbarde instruments so touch and gesture are integral to playing them. I’m basically exploring the unusual tunings and harmony using M4l Ircamax to hear the CL instruments through a more traditional lens. I’m using the plug ins as it means I can play, hear and adjust in real-time rather than the audio to midi route. I can still maintain a one take, hit record and done. Also if I ever performed this kind of thing live. It’s a work in progress

Took my modular synth on BBC Introducing for a live performance last week, quite pleased with how it turned out… There should be a video coming soon too :slight_smile:


I’ve been working on ideas for the long form ambient compilation. I used a sequential circuits six-trak and a moog mother-32.


A rhythmic sketch experimenting on the Serge. By no means a finished piece. Warning for high pitches.