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Ambient Glitches :slight_smile:


Hi guys, i re-edited my EP as a one track file (i think it works better), and I wrote some info about the tracks in the description.

This EP is the culmination of a year experimenting with my modular synth, and what a year!

Exactly a year ago I bought my first Doepfer mini box, and a few months later I had to buy a much bigger box to make room for all the modules I bought throughout 2018, most of them from Mutable instruments (I started with Tides v1 and Clouds, later Marbles and Plaits would arrive), the DIY modules of Befaco (Rampage and Hex VCA) and the module (filter) that has helped me define / compose / interpret the themes of this EP: Three sisters by Whimsical Raps.

This EP, it would be as the title says, tells the story of a hypothetical trip back and forth to Mars (starting from the Earth it is understood) the first theme “Always ascending // The fall” is the outward journey, the takeoff of the rocket, the vertiginous ascent and acceleration, the gravity of the Earth and the absence of it in space, and, without a break, the heavy “fall” of the capsule on the red planet.

I imagine “Mars anthem” as the first steps of the astronaut on the Martian surface, the fear of the unknown, the weight of gravity.
At first this track did not convince me, I thought about reinterpreting it but (like the rest of the tracks of the EP) it is recorded in a single track after a small previous trial of the interpretation, and obviously it is complicated to replicate the same patch. After giving a lot of thought to the track, I had an idea: to process the audio of the already recorded track with the modular (Clouds and Sisters) with a new interpretation and thus give it a different touch.

Trippy travel // Rover on fire "the astronaut (driving his vehicle) gets lost in a sandstorm and falls into a chasm, manages to continue but his vehicle is damaged and ends up stopping at the foot of Mount Olympus.

“Last broadcast // Forgotten ruins” With the vehicle destroyed, the astronaut decides to venture on foot because he has little time left to consume the oxygen left in the tanks. He finds the access to a cave where he discovers geometric shapes carved into the rock, and a continuous descent that seems to have no end. He stumbles and falls into a well that seems to have no end. The walls of the well include geometric shapes and inscriptions more and more detailed. After a time that seems to be eternal, the well expands and turns into a huge cavern that looks like ruins of an ancient city. When his body touches the ground everything slowly fades away.

“Dark portal // The end” the astronaut awakens, he finds himself in a dark room in which there is only one source of illumination: a small, warm and pulsating light. He slowly approaches the light, decides to touch it and in doing so opens his eyes and he has returned to home, has it been a dream?

Recorded in six short sessions, one for each track (minus “Mars anthem” ) and a long afternoon putting it all together and fine tuning In Ableton live.


Live performance from last night, at a local Open Stage event. Decided to just play one piece this time and evolve it more. Think it worked out pretty well, went in some different directions at the end. Playing longer I found I got much more in the zone, and some points near the end barely realised what I was doing :smiley:

Bass - Spectrum into Ripples
Mid - Lifeforms Primary Osc into Polaris
High - E330 into Humpback
Pad - Clouds
FX - Blackhole DSP and Chronoblob 2

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Some of my latest patches :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi ! First post here.
Heres’ some music I do.


I’ve been recording Australia’s largest playable guitar in Narrandera and had a chance to experiment with a bow and a bottle.

Wasabi Jones of Highpoint Studios and I are planning to create a multi-sampled instrument for use with Kontakt and other samplers.


Thank you so much Olivier!

Thank you, really appreciate the kind words!

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The Nanoloop thread had me looking for any of my old live sets using it, here’s a Cementimental X d0us set from years back at a chiptune nite, all sorts of off-kilter nintento vs atari vs un-synced grime acapellas :slight_smile: ha this is better than i remember

Oh wow and yeah the stuff i put on Chipmusic, i need to mirror this somewhere more findable / less flash reliant:

aaand that time I played a pure Nanoloop set with a bit of noise at an open mic nite

wait these are not ‘latest’ but as good a thread as any to post them :slight_smile:


New Track!
Experimenting changing modes in Plaits with O&C quad LFO, Tides, 3 Sisters and Clouds


Starting a new regular series of tracks made primarily with my modular (picture at the bottom) The goal being to make a series of tracks, as frequently as possible, to force me to learn all the new modules and older ones I don’t know so well. I won’t post the whole series here - just this first one so keep an eye on my sound cloud should you be interested. They aren’t just ‘studies’ - they are meant to be decent pieces of music in their own right

For this one: earlier this week I’d come to the conclusion I didn’t get on that well with Rene and Teletype was much more conducive to my music - however last night an idea occurred to me. This is teletype clocking both x and y of rene and transposing rene with the disting mk3 - the gate from x and y go into maths and are 'and’ed I also have channel 4 of maths cycling allowing me to ‘edit’ out gates. sequencer sound is cursus through the wasp filter, the background sound is DPO.


Love it! Seems like a potent combo you have there for live performance.

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my kind of fantasy!


I got distracted while planning on upgrading my Norns to Beta 2.0!

Norns awake & a simple sine patch on U-he Hive


elektron digitakt jam

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DERIVE Kyoto :slight_smile:


A version of a loose cover of Tim Buckley’s “Song to the Siren,” recorded in my bedroom on 15 March 2019 in an attempt to distract myself from stress in other parts of my life.

The 71-minute runtime is the result patching the modular synthesizer and programming it in such a way that it self-plays through the 64 states saved within the sequencer’s memory. A “final” version of this composition will be realized and recorded at a later date.

Please note: due to the size of the original recording file, I was required by Bandcamp’s upload limits to chop the file into two smaller files. This is not my preferred means of exhibiting the track but it is my only option until Bandcamp increases its max file sizer per track.


Teaser for a new visual album I’m working on focusing on ambient slash minimalistic composure slash meditation slash polyrhythms slash going off the grid.


this reminds me of a very colorful version of some of the windows media player visualizers I played around with as a kid.

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