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Drone Tape Loops Experiment with Casio SA-5 (90’s Vintage Keyboard) :

and in the interest of discussion rather than just dropping links like i normally do…this track is kinda special on a personal level that may not come thru for a listener without context

i’m not often able to capture some of my fav aspects of hip hop culture in my music

in this case i could have tweaked the arrangement further and rehearsed the sample chop
to perfection but i took inspiration from and tried to make moves/choices in the spirit of graffiti writers: there’s learning, preparation of materials and practice on form, plus plenty of observation…when it’s time to create then everything happens relatively quickly and with definitive purpose

that all provides part of the thrill (and skill) of the art

i’m mainly proud of the drums since the rhythm is the focal point
and i managed to keep them balanced w/o weakening how they knock

this was fun to make
hopefully the things i learned while building it will help me tackle challenges in future projects i work on


Thanks! I really appreciate it! It means a lot to hear that somehow it resonates with someone!

First livecoding release


Re-recorded one of my tracks to make it twice as short and more fitting for an album format. Made on Octatrack only.

Keeping things super minimal (and quite a backward looking track because of it). Playing with my new-to-me x0xb0x… and the 606 which I have had for over 25 years :slight_smile:

Hoping to make an ep/album in this vein (obvious influence reflected in the title!!)

‘Tulip’ is the opening track to my new album. It has the simplest setup of all of its tracks. With two Elektron Digitakts and a Digitone running through OTO Bim & Bam and then directly into the Revox B77 1/4" tape recorder. Hope you enjoy it.


Otis by @Justmat is becoming one of the key elements of my nascent live setup (if anyone is organising any electronics gigs in the North of England and is short of someone to play…:slight_smile: )

This is pretty much a frippertronics piece but more Richard Pinhas than Robert Fripp

need to build my 16n - 4 steps is ok for a sequencer (using the TXi) but 16 might be better


Track and video from earlier today. OP-1 into Norns. :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


This is excellent! Very cool to see someone using otis :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

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Had some guests do a miniature for my series this week. Lela Amparo and Jorgen Kjellgen from Rural Sounds have a new project called Arc Harbour they graciously allowed me to feature it. Lucked out that it went really well with some footage of my sisters 30th from the other week :joy:


Collaboration project, to created contemporary music compositions in minimal rhythmic direction with kecapi (zither-like Sundanese musical instrument), Javanese gamelan (bonang, saron), and modular synthesizer (ambient / drone / noise / textures).

Past and future in concept: blending of tribal, ancient rhythm, electro acoustic, drone, synthetic sound, ambient, acousmatic, and minimalism.
All sounds: performed, recorded, produced in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

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Hello folks,

I made most of this album in coffee shops, sitting with my op-z each morning over the past few months. I’m not sure what genre of music it is, though it may be helpful to know.
Thanks for checking it out!


The last of the trio of videos from my recent trip to Northern Minnesota


noticed there are some chelsea wolfe fans on here, so:

i’ve been doing strings for CW for several years now (since 2012 or so?)

did really quite a lot of overdubs for new album, which now has a single


I’m a big fan of CW. That’s very cool and I just realised as I am typing this who you are :D. No Mention was on my albums of the year list when you released it :+1:

My liveset for Connessioni 2019 - a modular journey.
here i explored the techniques of orchestration of multiple monophonic voices in the modular synth context while trying to maintain a dramatic arc,a narrative plane throughout the performance. some minor level and interference issues on my side at the beginning but overall i’m quite happy about how it came out!

Some highlights from a live set I played at the weekend, first time I’ve played a more dancey set. Was at a night my friends organised in a slightly eccentric cricket pavillion. Got some great feedback which was really encouraging. Sadly was a bit too early to get lots of folk dancing, not lubricated enough yet :smiley:

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out since last week… a cinematic thing…