Latest tracks + videos (archive)

@cannc thanks! :whale:

This is really lovely – could you explain what’s going on a bit further?

some fender rhodes looping and processing

@ioflow sorry i didn’t get to this sooner, fixing my van took longer than expected and i had to be in northern california for my mom’s birthday! i’ll be reporting about my raspberry pi experiences soon.


see this thread!


We made a video from a live session in our living room. Hope you like it.


murray your tunes are incredible. thanks so much for sharing!!! do you have releases/albums or more collections of this stuff?

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remixed a track i did for lcrp 2


I made this video about a workshop that taught young girls how to solder and build their own noise toy.


thanks, i really appreciate that! no releases/albums available other than a soundcloud at but i am planning a collection of on-location live recordings using my van and a deep-cycle battery array in the Oregon wilderness. will be sure to keep you advised.

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Little snippet from demo video using banjo, distortion, octave, and skipping CD-player analysis timings. (this is what I have in mind @instantjuggler)


I am SO looking forward to seeing all this come together. Such a crunchy great sound flavor.

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ok. Her voice is pretty amazing.

sure is =)
more stuff at
Or spotify, itunes, tidal and all that jazz =)

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one of my recent generative pieces is on air on cashmere radio, generated in real time for the next 443 hours. an autopoietic system unfolding in time.
everyting is synthesised and organised in supercollider. i’ll upload the code on github along with a detailed documentation of the generation process as soon as i get home. until then: have a listen and let me know what you think!

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count me in! gonna be super fun

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Testing light bulbs.

Dancing shadows behind @Angela:

Spinning shadows on me:

What the bulbs themselves look like:

This is just an initial test using offset sine waves to drive each bulb. The scaling isn’t great as it goes from off to on pretty quickly, and the phase separation between each bulb is a bit too extreme as well. My maths are shit, so gonna chat to a friend about how to best have control over the ‘height’, ‘width’, ‘spread’, and ‘curve’ of the distributed waveform.


Ode to Earthsea. Just practicing some scales. :musical_score:


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This is fresh! Are you using MLR or equivalent to get those bouncing keys on’ bublu’? Just a delay?

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thanks so much for listening and offering kind words!!
there are mostly two techniques in play to arrive at “bouncing keys” type feel and a third step too.
in simplest explanation it is:

  1. ableton live midi effect arpeg
  2. ableton live audio effect autopan
    those are two of my favorite devices native to live/suite
    i do not tire of finding new uses them and autopan is afaict a very underrated device.
    in my modular days i became enamored with the idea of “modulating the modulator” and this is half the approach in the first place. what i do with each device is take the time to draw envelope response curves to modulate (automate) parameters. in this case it is primarily the tempo sync/divisions on arpeg and pan (but of course others too). recently i have started to use m4l lfo in the same style with multiple instances. really gets my goat bleating so to speak
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