Latest tracks + videos (archive)

A friend of mine put together a visual narrative of sorts for the track we did on the last junto:

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Hey everyone!

Just joined the forum, about which I’m really excited – seems like just the place I need to learn from great folks and broaden my practice. Here’s a rough little sketch I recorded last weekend, which circles around the Cocoquantus. Peripheral things like the tape piece and the occasional sample triggered in Ableton are all echoes of the Coco in some way or another.


Welcome Olivier! Great first. Lovely textures!

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Picked up a DLD this week - after selling my Clouds I was dying to have delay back in my setup! Here’s a little diddle with some cassette recordings I made of me playing a felted piano, going into Morphagene, and through DLD and ErbeVerb.


Made a short video last night of playing with my new modular setup and some tape loops, with an 8mm loop projected onto us

First recording with the modular in it. Turns out the main camera doesn’t work too well in low-light conditions, but I like its lofi quality

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First attempt at geode mode in Just Type! :metal:

“glittering skys go dark”

hq audio :


Just got my eurorack set up this week. This was the first thing I came up with. Loving it so far! I just need more modulation sources…

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Elegantly filmed - are you a fan of Knobs perchance?

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Thank you. Of course, I am a huge Knobs fan! The guy cost me a lot of money on pedals :slight_smile:

I know, awful isn’t he?


this is great, nice work.

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The Knobs review of Montreal Assembly’s Count to Five pedal was my first Knobs video and remains one of the most delightful YouTube experiences I’ve had and perhaps will ever have.

(apologies for going off-topic)


rings + three sisters + morphagene allow for the creation of limitless and beautiful sounds.


@MengQiMusic re-defines artistry and virtuosity for me with every new release. This is a small homage and gesture of my gratitude for him.

MQ, thank you for all you give our community.

"His work
joyful play
his expressions
are waypoints
for others.

He gives beauty
the chance
to unfold."


Wow that’s quite a compliment.
Everything from gear to music grows because of this alive and helpful community. I am so happy to inspire.
Thank you so much for transmitting the love with your awesome work, this is definitely a great piece of music.


A new track of mine, trumpet + electronics.

The title is inspired by reading a lot of British writer Kazuo Ishiguro.
I read about 4 of his novels at the beginning of 2017 as he used to live in my city Norwich - we have a great history of writers here because of the famous UEA writing courses so thought I would give him a read. And then he goes and wins the Nobel Prize for literature!

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Love this track! Really dig brass/wind and electronics. Is that you playing the trumpet? Super chill.

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hey Dan, do you mind walking through the patch for this? I really (really) like it, but I’ve never used a TT, so beyond knowing that Just Type is being used here, I’m in the dark and want to know more.

this is really gorgeous. reminiscent of erbe verb feedback swells while modulating size at various points too. :slight_smile: