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I don’t see this as being very off topic. I actually would really love to see a Mannequins W/ review done in this style. Sort of anti-jargon, just concentrated excitement! The thing that makes it so good is the unapologetic expression of joy and … whimsy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, couldn’t help it.

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just an improv on block party sampling live’s collision

I did a 100% improv set on this weird Facebook live show I do once a week. I mess up some and my talking is boring and stupid (you should skip past it), but there is some cool stuff every once in awhile. I’m running Sum on my 128, playing cassette loops, my Organelle, my Voyager and a few other cool pieces of gear.


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Listened for about 10mins (will go back later) really great! I like this style and you play it well. Always fun to hear live or loose improve. Thanks for sharing.

You do a lot of short loop bg ambient bits, (i like those, and do it similarly sometimes) i wonder if you’re as curious about the w/ as i am! :exploding_head:

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Thanks so much for the feedback! Glad you dig it. I’m slowly getting better at improvising with this rig. Hope to have a video of an actual rehearsed set up sometime soon.

What is the w/??? I’m half awake right now after a crazy week so my brain is barely functioning haha. :crazy_face:

modern ballet, aleph, violin


Those little samplers!

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Ah yes!!! I wouldn’t mind having a few of these!!!

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More fun with the touch plates. Having a great time with this smaller system. :bird:


Aleph :purple_heart:

hey been makin some tiny raps

watch out there’s bad words

“beats” made with this beat machine app i’m working on…

the monome makes sine waves and stuff, cuts up samples, sequences. meanwhile a teenage engineering po-12 does drums. the po-12 feeds a click track to the monome, which uses that to time its sequencer.


I’m still going strong with weekly sketches, just uploaded 2018-03-15 (11/52):

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This is probably the last one in my little series of Digitakt on Cassette jams. Hope you like it.


Collection of the pop material I’ve been writing since the beginning of the year. Thanks for listening.

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A brief, easygoing duet for JF and Rings.


tape loops, field recordings, op1 and organelle. hope you like it.


Really excellent. It grabbed me and I listened straight through. That second movement reminded me of Dilla’s Lightworks. Stellar.

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thank you so much for listening straight through, and I’m glad you enjoy it! :slight_smile:
don’t know Dilla’s Lightworks, must go listen :wink:

I’m just (type) learning how to use the teletype and i came up with this. Mood and musical intervals are heavilly inspired from @MengQiMusic work, which i love.


Slow morning progression on the prophet 600

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