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Hi Lines
Here is «Le ménisque original» Sarah Terral first Ep.
Done with Teletype, Mannequins JF and Sisters, 4MS/Matthias Puech Tapo, Ornement and Crime, Make Noise Lxd



Loved every second of this- thanks so much for sharing! The phasing techniques were great, and I love the sound of the Just Friends as a voice so much. Excellent work!!

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this is the music I never knew I needed. will be on repeat for weeks. thank you.

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Thanks guys for your feedback it means a lot to me !!!

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I listened to this last evening while winding down for bed and it was a wonderful experience. I’ll be following for more from you!

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Yes, can’t get enough of this. Such a sweet mysterious aspect. Similar feeling somehow to Plux Quba. Beautiful work. :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

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Purchased. Loving the feel and tones of this EP, great work!

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I just love Plux Quba and how he manage to stay restrainted (and naive) yet lyrical

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Will you be putting this on Apple Music?

1 Like as I am waiting for something which should happen in near future (tha album title would be „while waiting” in english) I decided to release a small 10 minute EP. The first song is created using only noise as a sound source. in the second one I used field recording of frogs mixed with short tape loop and processed it through clouds. The third one was created with a constraint that it has to be exactly one minute long, and gearwise it is mostly yamaha spx90 and guitar

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After several hours at Spotsylvania Court House Battlefield

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Some recent work:

Any feedback on improvements would be appreciated.


My other label just put out the first single from an album we will be releasing for Yppah in early 2020, his first since 2015. Pretty upbeat and poppy, whole record sounds great.

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New video for my song “Good Lord” is now available on my IGtv channel.

Video by Kevin Veselka (

The song is from the album “Perspectives” which was released on the tape label Warm Gospel earlier this year:


I got the itch to make some sort of old-school minimal techno and have started a new project called må.

Here’s the first release:


just posted this.

w/ overdubbing mangrove to create a tape style sound on sound loop. marbles triggering envelopes from peaks to make the w/ loop percussive. octatrack clocking and sequencing modular through ansible. octatrack sequence is modulated by a triangle wave lfo for variation. This string of modulating midi data is then being sent out of ansible and in to marbles for quantization. Octatrack also live sampling mangrove. shallow water at end of chain for lofi tape warble.


haven’t made a music video so I thought I should!

Here is an ambient kind of groove

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rehearsing/practicing/writing for a gig coming up in October (25th, supporting Pye Corner Audio which I’m really excited about).

Using a minimal setup and seeing what comes out (kinda Plastikman I guess).

Each practice is getting better, and I can feel what’s working and what’s not - this was yesterday’s effort:

(recorded straight to stereo, no post processing — kit list on the soundcloud page)

This is the first time I’ve ever posted any of my music to Lines :slightly_smiling_face:. This a generative melodic ambient piece titled Ceiling Planetarium :stars:. Patch notes are in the description