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I’m posting this on behalf of my older brother, who isn’t on this forum but I think would be of interest to this community musically - here he is performing an improvisation on Prophet 6 & Moog Grandmother, which is interfacing with his eurorack set up. He’s a real monster player and very prolific recording artist, under many psuedonyms


Modular & Octatrack combo. Making some sort of ambient music.

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Patch notes :
I made generative beats patch on Pure Data. Now I can load it to VCV Prototype then mix it with chords sounds of Mutable Instruments Plaits.

*VCV Prototype : a console display for custom script to interact with the VCV Rack world.


Thanks for turning me on to Prototype! I did not know it existed.

You’re welcome! @rycolos yeah you should try it also, make it more fun to combine Pure Data patch or other scripts to the rack.

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Sometimes when I see my therapist, I have a hard time getting past “I’m fine” when she asks “how are you doing?” So, I’m trying something a little different this week. Made a track for us to use as a conversation starter. If I’m having trouble expressing emotions verbally, will music help?

Also, I’m kinda digging SoundCloud’s automated mastering.


Patch notes:

Drums from Squid Salmple, split with one path used dry, the other going through Rings. The Rings path is the deeper and more resonant percussion that opens and closes the song. MCO’s square wave sub is on the bass line through Ripples. The lead is Chainsaw, fed into the other input on Ripples. The granular guitar lines are splices played by Morphagene filtered through Mother 32. Additional chord pads were added in Ableton through Spitfire Audio’s LABS.


Wave Function Collapse

I was able to get some almost pan-drum-like sounds by sending the E-RM Polygogo into the Intellijel Rainmaker and decided to build a track off of that. Detailed patch notes are in the video description.


New release on bandcamp :wink:

Sequenced by teletype (and hermod for melodies) as usual. Middle section features a generative melody and some metric modulation. Complete patch notes in description on youtube…


El viento de la luna is the title of a book I have just read, from the spanish writer Antonio Muñoz Molina. The narration translates you to the childhood, where a 13 years adolescent from a little village of Spain tell us how he attended the Apolo XI space mission and the arrival of the man to the moon. A total pleasure to read, with a marvellous and beautiful prose that immerses you in how it was living in 1969, in the rural villages and all the changes that were coming to them. I was not born yet at 1969, but I do recognise much of what is said, and the book has remind me many moments and many details from my own childhood, the villages, my parents,…and also thinking in the present, in my children and what can be in their heads right now.

Technical notes: Norns is running the Reels script, using only a field recording of a children park in a loop. Most of the sounds from the Deluge are from the Boards of Deluge 3 soundpack.


I Wanna Be Able to Feel by Chris Lashley

Print dirrectly from Norns tape. A Molly the poly loop chopped up and thrown into timber. All performed on a monome 64.


Hi, sorry, just noticed your reply! Basically, these were the result of running a Buddha Machine through the filter of a Korg Monotron into the Pure Data patch I use for live performances. The patch is something I’ve been working on for years! It began as an attempt to recreate Keith Fullerton Whitman’s Playthroughs Max/MSP patch based solely on the description from his old website! You can hear some of the early results on my album Begin Anywhere. After knocking out a slew of sine-based pieces à la KFW, I soon realised that I liked the results more when I fed old tape recordings and loops through the patch, which led to the next album Echoic. I’m writing this on my work laptop, but once I boot up my iMac, I’ll upload the patch for you to take a look at. It looks good on the surface, but it’s a bit of a mess underneath!

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Finally got my hands on a Just Friends after months of searching. Celebrated the arrival by producing a track with it as main sound source sequenced by the almighty Less Concepts, only complemented with a simple bass line from 0-coast and of course effects (Mimeophon and FXAid).


Hey friends — I just joined and wanted to introduce myself to the community by sharing some recent work — an EP I wrote and recorded in lockdown and two music videos I co-created with my partner.

All sounds were made with a Make Noise 0 Coast and a small Pittsburgh Modular system. I’m building a larger modular system now so you may see me around asking some questions! Thanks for listening :v:

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Syntrx, Easel, and Prophet Rev 2 + loops and treatments. Live collaboration with an amazing analog video artist named Luke Judd.

a short experiment with a friend.


Continuing with these Morphagene patch explorations.