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SloFi thing || Guitar > Norns looper thing > Tascam 424


I’m part-way through the second thing that @dan_derks put together for Music Hackspace to help unlock the amazing Cheat Codes 2. I’ve now got more comfortable with how to get this script to process live input, so spent some happy time this afternoon playing guitar into it. Thanks Dan, not only for such a great script, but for the love you’ve put into the tutorial content to enable me to learn more of it! :slight_smile:


A new tape album of my band is out today.
Gamardah Fungus "Polaris"
eurorack modular + electric guitars
Hope you enjoy. :heart:

Put my Gotharman anAmoNo X modular synth on the windowsill and captured the rain outside, while granularizing it and playing ambient bleeps and bloops on top :smiley:


Grendel Drone Commander and Just Friends (in sound mode):


Hi! Here’s my latest track, recorded live on my eurorack synth. Maybe some of you can guess where the name comes from :wink: ?

Arch Street - youtube

my new project bmo. is now out on (almost) all major streaming platforms!

it is also free to download on bandcamp <3

here is the link! i'm waiting


slower and slower, just a couple of sine waves on a hike …

Instagram - tobias_karlehag

Thank you so much for listening


I’ve been lurking and enjoying everyone’s tracks for a while and thought I should finally post!

Full patch notes and modular grid link are in the YouTube description and I also made a module-by-module breakdown video if you’re curious!


Bandcamp spring cleaning. Consolidated some things, deleted some things.

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I made music last night for the first time in almost a week. It felt absolutely amazing. I can’t even describe how much pleasure I get from playing. I slowly construct these energetic spaces and that weave in and out of my own energy body. I feel my entire body fill with energy. The switch of the kick tied to something deep and primal within. I push the resonance and overtones on the lead and I feel vibrations coursing like electricity down my finger.

I particularly like this one. The percussive resonant filter ay 4:46. The settling into a sort of refrain around 9 minutes gives me absolute chills listening back. I would love nothing more than to play this on a giant and well-tuned system. Either live or just played back.

Why hadn’t I been making music everyday? Part of it is my excitement and engagement with The Outwork Accelerator. But another part is the continued distrust I have of something that is so deeply important to me. I have deep fears of abandonment. Of the moment when things are going well to simultaneously be the moment when everything is about to secretly (or explosively) unravel and turn to ash around me. I listen to this music and it scares me. I feel it so deeply. I look at my synthesizer and the level of fulfillment that I hope it can give seems impossible. I begin to doubt it. With every day away, I doubt it a little more. Perhaps it was a dream? Perhaps I won’t be able to find the sounds I love this time. But maybe I don’t have enough time today. So I’ll make sure I have enough time to actually get there. I’ll leave a few hours.

In the end, the only solution is just to sit down. The voices are all just voices. I acknowledge their presence. They do not serve me. But they can inform my understanding of my own resistance.

Most importantly I am learning that I can choose to normalize the practice or the fear. Committing to a daily practice isn’t about needing to ship something to the world everyday. It’s about creating structures that remind me where my priorities are. That help me remember what brings me joy and sets my soul on fire. I recommit to my practice. And I must continue to do so - everyday.


“Life is like stepping onto a boat which is about to sail out to sea and sink.”

Shunryu Suzuki

As a longtime free improviser, this is always the case… As a human faced with death at any moment, this is always the case…

So glad to see you conclude with recommitment to your practice every day. This is all we have… Your commitment rekindles my own, and around the wheel we go!

Edit: love the track!


I’ll never get tired of how good the Voltage Memory from Meng Qi pairs with Ciat-Lonbarde gear…


Recordings from our raxil4 x Isn’tses forest performance out now:

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‘Ghosts’, the second track from my forthcoming album released today:


Took our Fort Processor and Chernobylizer to the nature park / abandoned graveyard:


Flutes and Strega.


AKB, Rivet, Dayin and Elin Piel take on the task of remixing four tracks from the neo-classical piano works of Ljudväggs album “Transformation” out on vinyl since a couple months.

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