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Salty sounds on a feedbacking Bastl Kastle going into the SuperCollider/norns port of MI Clouds, OP-Z on sequencing duty and NTS-1 for extra MIDI CC control.


The release of Nocturn the first single from our upcoming album Superbloom will be out next Friday the 30th. Orb Mag already premiered the track on their website. Give it a listen!
The full album releases June 25 2021 on limited transparent vinyl.
It consists of improvisations on Eurorack, buchla, piano, Rhodes, cello and mellotron from the last 4 years.

Edit: single out now! Find it here: Maarten Vos & Nils Davidse - Nocturn


So my crew and I did a little thing thing for my friend’s collective based out of NYC.

We shot this here in my hometown of Atlanta, and just so happened to find a couple of friendly folks with a really beautiful view atop of Atlanta, just over the Fox Theatre.

Enjoy, if you’ve got some time!

With love, and my old trusty 256,



I like your workstation, did you make it?

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@spamula This is great! You’ve really got the hang of it!

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Just browsing the thread and there is so much to inspire.
Here is a small contribution from me, a recent track, dedicated to Rachel Carson.

Technical notes: I used the autosampler in my MPC to make a very lovely pad from my Perfourmer, which is a bed under much of the track. If you stick about until about half-way through you will also hear the use of some of the sample libraries I discovered through Norns Mx.Samples

I am going to move these occasional pieces over to Bandcamp I think, but in the meantime:

Giving this another listen and it reminds me of the sounds and atmosphere of “The Drift” by Scott Walker. :+1:

Ha :slight_smile: Thanks, its all in the edit tho. I literally had no idea what I was doing! :smiley:

Started vaguely getting my head round T-APE last night. Gonna do another video this week :slight_smile:

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Thanks, have not actually heard that, will have to have a listen :slight_smile:

Edit: had a quick listen to one track and wow yeah some similar sounds for sure! :smiley: Will track down the whole thing

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The more I play with Ansible the more I enjoy it.


Hi friends

I had a lot of technical support from some of you here on lines a while ago. That helped me to learn to use and handle gear in a more efficient way to my purposes. I am grateful for that.

And now I wondered if it was appropriate to share here what Im’doing. I noticed that there are many types and styles of sound and vision here on the releases to explore. That encouraged me to think that some of you might enjoy short stories about chirrup’s adventures - and to think that I might hear opinions and challenges.

The ambition is to merge electronica and analog instruments and to go it alone. I am writing the music myself and I play the instruments. And I try to visualise the “metaphysics” with macro shots. I fact the intention is to live loop the music - here in “switch” I used a number of prerecorded elements though and applied one or two overdubs and and a couple of adjustments in post. I imagine that in the future, with more experience, I might be able to really live loop whole performances.

Thanks for the attention you all - and have a little fun!

switch - behind a threshold


Hi everyone
3 years ago I picked up a Zoom L-12 as a way of working outside of the DAW as a tape machine. I record everything, and I try to record something at least once a week. I’ve amassed a huge library of ideas and it’s been a rewarding experience to crate dig in using those experiments. It just so happened that I hit a milestone of 400 recordings in that archive last night as I finished recording samples for these two pieces of music. Shout out to @anxietymachine for helping me through a creative block in Ableton.


new k-blamo

orca, ableton, Mac (hot rod mid2012 mbp)


These machines are teaching me to listen. closer


I made a video about developing my first somewhat proper script for the Norns, a shift register based rhytm/percussion synthesizer. Still very bare-bones and work in progress, I’ll try to make this a series for Youtube.

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Hi Guys n Gals!

I’ve got a new video out in my youtube series Patching Perfect! I’m documenting my process in sound design with hardware equipment both on youtube and on my instagram Go check em out and drop a follow or a subscribe!


Some codes for anyone who wants a go on Snacks of Carelessness:
ydb4-3jfh, 2qvh-c6ev, dgbj-wyn8, ptdr-c3vn, x9me-6rac →


The way you have it panning is very satisfying in headphones.

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Memories of Kyoto

put together with found footage from of Kyoto

a few stills:

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We just released a sample pack of some noises from the Chernobylizer :slight_smile: