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Our first gig as a duo! Here I am using my Max/Max for Live based controller system for Ableton Live to use the sound of the tap dance to modulate and trigger different parameters. So much fun!


Lislegaard & Eraker - Live @ Underjordisk Maraton 08.02.2020
Here is a video from our first concert as a duo. We played an improvised set at the lovely event Underjordisk Maraton arranged by Dans for Voksne at a secret location in Oslo.

In this project the focus is on using the sounds of tap dance to modulate different digital parameters and trigger different processes. Everything is improvised. The parameters that the tap dancing affect are programmed live, on the spot. The result is a hybrid interaction between the two musicians who sometimes act as two independent parts, and sometimes together as one.

Tap dance: Janne Eraker
Electronics: Kristoffer Lislegaard


DivKid just posted this video from a visit he payed to my studio in the fall. In it I give a very brief overview of one of the ways I use the ER-301 with guitar and the signal flow for the two reel to reels on a single tape loop.
I thought it might be of interest to the community here.

also… I really need to dust in my studio. I guess it is fitting


thank you for sharing
fun looking patch!

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You’re welcome @glia

New clip from my upcoming album Méridiens. It’s called Constantinople and I’m quite excited to share !


Latest patch preview here :sparkles:

Late-night long-form version on IGTV :night_with_stars:

Nordlys - Lullaby for Valentine

Hear the whispers inside

Chanting from long ago
Echoes come and go
Losing time in a soft eternal glow

Sequences and trig from Teletype
Drum and special background fx ER-301
Melody source Generate 3 and Filter 8

Unreleased track


New album (10 years since the last!!) from noise turned weird Newport synth pop legends SNORK MAIDEN. I supplied some guest noise on track 16 :slight_smile:

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Here’s my latest little Easel improv. I’ve been far more into “expressive playing” than anything generative as of late.

This patch takes advantage of the newer 218 being fretless for a very “slidey” patch. The keyboard CV out is patched to portamento and timbre!

Chase Bliss Blooper provides a little loop/texture in the background and MOOD is in granular mode capturing different little snippets throughout to change the textures :slight_smile:


Inspired by gamelan music for create these ambient modular tracks. Only Mutable Instruments Rings as sound source.


Was going through my old soundcloud recordings from the ciat-lonbarde days, and came across a few pieces I thought weren’t half-bad. Bundled them together into a mini EP titled Obstacle Theory.


Just released a new Isn’tses live recording -

Come see us play live again in London soon, will sound totally different probably :smiley: Live performance/electronics/noise London 1st March: Rovar17 Vs. Xpldnglke, Isn’tses, raxil4, Mystery Cult


Just uploaded a new video on my YT channel, demonstrating the patch on my eurorack modular, which formed the basis for the track “Fortunate Isles” from the latest album of my band Gamardah Fungus.
Super slow chord and noise modulation on eurorack synthesizer plus guitar improvisation.
A lot of sub-bass. Better to listen with headphones. Hope you will like it.


this was an experiment getting back into learning animation and audio-reactivity in Jitter, plus with some sounds generated in Max too(drums, pads, stutters, and bass…but not the main arps/glock), and trying to create it all in 2 days:



Thank god for Reading Week. Here’s the product of a day off. So nice to make music and not stare at a computer all day!

The only downside: all this Matriarch patching makes me want more modular and semi-modular gear…

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Eight minutes of half-speed tape loops and guitar noodling (through @Justmat’s Bounds).


Some Noise I Make …


An album focusing on guitar improvisations that have been processed and re-looped.


I have just got a Fates and recorded a little jam with its initial script Awake. I created a complex sequence in 15/8. I later added my piano playing a rhythmic part in 6/8, creating a polyrhythm and modifying the timbre touching the strings with my fingers. This is something I want to explore more in the future. It’s a pleasure to open the piano, see all the mechanism in action while you play, being in contact with the sound and playing the strings with your fingers.

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