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Doesn’t that always feel like this? I mean, it does for me all the time. Though I have to say that I personally feel it liberating to write down a project at some point. Just so it stops going around in circles in my head :slight_smile:

It’s interesting because the kind of music you make feels very projected into the future – or at least very “now” – more than into the past. which isn’t a critique to your music (all the contrary) but more a reflection on what we have come to associate with things like “past” and “memory”. The fragmented and slightly surreal aspect is indeed captured by the music! I kind of had to think about the moment in the anime Ghost in the Shell (not the holliwood remake), when they catch a criminla who’s memories have been manipulated.

Thanks for the added details!


Another new collaboration with the talented Marco Lucchi titled Pompeii. My contribution features sequencing of the new Disting EX piano and 2hp pluck. Enjoy, thanks

New digital release out today from my dear friends in HEALERS co. Love their music so much. You may know Will from Alosi Den and Goat Lightning among numerous other projects.

Music video for City of Dreams

Am doing some Plumbutter research this evening, and need to tell you how unspeakably lovely this song is. That’s all. Peace!


Thank you, Matt! I sold the Plumbutter a while ago. But I do miss it from time to time.

My first eurorack jam

Patch notes:

  • Drums: DPO osc1 (kick), Telharmonic N out (snare), Pico Drum (hit-hats)
  • Sequencer: rené, variable tempo speed triggered by tempi driven by wooglebug
  • Main Voice: Loquelic Iteritas modualted by Pressure Points through QPAS
  • Second Voice: DPO final out through Echophon
  • FX: morphagene custom reel through Antumbra SMOG
  • reverb: Erb-verb
  • additional modulations: Maths, Zone BF, Function, Wooglebug, micro o_C
  • additional gate sequencer: arturia beatstep pro
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i absolutely love the track and the video. i’m quite amazed by what you got out of those doors.

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some temporal music sketches of this month

modular synthesis&
processed field recordings


Earlier this year I was approached by Bo Lee to do sound design/musics for a series of videos. The series appears in “Odi et Amo”, Bo’s solo exhibition in Seoul, South Korea at Gallery Yoho /// May 22, 2020 - July 03, 2020.

Since today is the opening day, I thought I’d share!


My latest - a modular/DJ set using my custom Max sequencer with Monome, Ableton, modular for a couple synth voices, kick, hat, Deckard’s Dream


Live performance using modular synth (w/ CV Tools)

It is the 6th work that focuses on the atmosphere.

All sound sources come from Percussa SSP.
All events come from Teletype.
Pamela’s NEW Workout is the master clock.

CV Tools receives the trigger signal and controls the M4L patch and AL effects. (real-time)

Thanks for watching.

(:headphones:I recommend listening with earphones or headphones.:headphones:)


Hello here !

And here is my first attempt on Norns with Awake :slight_smile:


This sounds is incredible. I love the aesthetic of the blue cables spilling down, too.

20 minutes of free improvisation with live looping technique (3 different parts of video-audio), used reel-to-reel DIY tape loops as only sound source, and process to effect pedals : eq, looper, delay, and reverb.

Inspired by ambient, lofi, noise, minimal, and drone music.


Thank you for your feedback!

made with norns less concepts :seedling:


Just made a little improv with my diy Daxophone (and piano), just made it, and loving the sound :wink:

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Feels so good to be in a cabin in the woods. Not only can you hear the difference in my mood within the music itself, but it also is fun to choose the right gear to take. Glad I brought the Rytm.

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Fun patch using a Teletype quad LFO script, using Woggle to modulate the frequency of the LFOs (via TT CV in). The LFO’s were opening filters and modulating formant for 2 mangroves. Also sending trigger outs to brainseed to clock random pitch patterns (multed and sent to all voices), as well as triggers to plonk and pluck.

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115.4 BPM
Ebm Key

Made with Elektron Digitakt
Record with Zoom H6