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I am a long time lurker but not very active on lines ! As self-presentation, here are some of my ambient tracks compiled in a recent release. It is mainly done with my eurorack modular with a spice of software and field recordings. Enjoy !


Algorithmic beats experiment in Pure Data, based on only squarewave & abstract wave in generative approach



I’m new to //// and the Monome Norns (Shield). I’m not a producer, but love to make music and share it with others. There’s such wonderful music going on here! I love it!!!

Here is my first Ambient improvisation I made using the Moog Subharmonicon, Norns OOOOOO, and some effects pedals. I’d love to hear what others think about it. It would really help me improve.

Right now, I’m struggling with addressing background noise from using the effects pedals or the Shield instead of the Monome produced Norns. Not sure which yet. I’m also working on how to eliminate ‘clicks’ from some of the OOOOOO loops when they restart?

Anyway… thanks in advance for listening :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Latest release on Bandcamp:

Drone / “dark” “ambient” music, somewhat inspired by the paradox of relaxing with tales of horror and the paranormal – and somewhat simply just by exploring some new gear and adapting techniques to complement it. Three longer-form tracks comprising single-take improvised movements.

Patch notes are here


I just released my single “Leviathan’s Fishhook,” which is an evolved version of a track I performed as part of a lines community livestream in 2020.

I built off of the bubbly synth arpeggio and added accordion, low brass, and marching drumline percussion:

And click here to get a copy in your preferred streaming service:


Technically not a track, but I don’t feel accomplished enough to make a full thread in releases.
Here’s “Fragments”, a short (20 mins) breakcore and noise album that explores the atmospheric and rhythmic elements of both genres.
All made in Reaktor and touched up in Renoise.

Here’s the streaming links as well, if you prefer to use those platforms

First track uses a sample from the NY rapper Billy Woods who kindly agreed for its inclusion :slight_smile:


New album I am grateful to have contributed to, here’s a track, I play upright on the others in a very open and free style:


Welcome! I loved the sounds! (I have no advice for the noise or the clicks, sorry(they might be able to help with general noise in the signal chain improvement thread, and with clicks in the OOOOOO thread here…)… but sounds like you’re a quality producer after all if you’re trying to address all of it though :smile: respect :fist: hope you find the answers you need - i didn’t really notice much, anyways)
…and is that Major Kong from “Dr. Strangelove” in your profile pic?? If so, you are both a scholar and a gentleman of fine artistic aesthetics :ok_hand: and you shall find a warm welcome here(and if not, …cool photo, and still a warm welcome anyways! :grinning:)
Looking forward to hearing more :beers:

Tomorrow March 29th is #pianoday2021 This is my personal contribution to this year’s annual Piano Day celebrations.


a radioplay & experimental computermusic
done with max msp, custom algorithmic composition software, linnstrument & monome 256

miriam stoney & vinzenz schwab:
the human argument on berzelius

vinzenz schwab:
halbnarr mix

for reka kutas

She took a bucket full of muck, mud and ashes


Working on a live set, and taking out snippets from it. Here’s something that turned into a track.


It really is fun to watch the piano moving around.

Here is the minimal techno track I made for the compilation being organized over on the EZBOT discord.


Another Blackbox joint from me, this one taken from a longer improvised ambient session. All synths are Prophet 12, field recordings are from my Deluge, put together and performed from the BBox through an SSL SiX -


As it’s piano day I took a little excerpt from the score I did for a short film as a little piano piece:


Why yes, that in fact is is Major T. J. “King” Kong in my profile pic. It just wouldn’t be fitting to be slim_pkns without him. Thanks for noticing. I took on this moniker in 1977 (because it would fit in the space for high scores on the old quarter stand-up video games). Slim was a real cowboy and bull fighter as well as a great actor!

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Cheat codes on Push 2.


is this synthesizer music?


SOMA Ether and malfunctioning digital pacemaker?


:exploding_head: uh oh… i feel some GAS creeping :drooling_face:


New album from Hunki Dori (Doro from My Favourite Things) featuring Takuya Nakamura (solo, CocoRosie, Arto Lindsay) on Trumpet and Synthesizer and Grammy nominee Jay Rodriguez on Flute, Saxophone, and Clarinet. Out for Bandcamp Friday (this Friday) on Ingrown Records!

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