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thank you for checking out!
did you mean the low droney at beginning? that one is from modulated 3 sisters.

the other low tone come from one of the voices of just friends, providing bass/roots for the chord voicing, get processed thru Mood.

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Honored to be part of this great compilation “Blue” on TMRRW Records
came out on Feb 28th, but I only realized last night!

My track is called “Pund”
it’s some techno/minimal techno type stuff from me this time,nice bit of four to the floor, (made with Elektron Digitakt & Digitone and recorded with Zoom H6), and you can cop the album as name your price!

Much Love!

Back with another one of these!


Trying to learn to make techno:


Haven’t had much time for music lately so decided to plug in my guitar, but I don’t really play guitar, so…

little dance number with Digitakt and modular buddies

An old track, taken from the vault of my hard drive, with a fresh mastering.

Corus Ari · The Good Society

A moody pairing of songs made during a week alone…

Mostly Ableton Operator, Tetrax, Max4Live, and some Make Noise modules in the background.


A little dual norns, one running Synthy and the other Molly the Polly action here. Warning, it will make you sleepy…

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Here’s my take on Teletype Studies #2:

Here are two tracks :smiley:

Just released another digitised tape from the archives of my friend Stewart, this one is from 1991-ish

New on my Bandcamp (free to download or pay what you will)

helen_g - “i think so”

Eurorack modular synth, very live, straight-off-the-mixer extract from this morning’s session.

MI Marbles sequencing Qu-bit Electronix Chord v2, individual audio outs through Doepfer A-151 Sequential Switch, audio mix output lightly tweaked by Momo Modular nRings then fed through a big reverb from Happy Nerding’s FX-AID module.

Very much a snapshot of a work in progress, nothing more, nothing less…

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My latest work available on soundcloud -

Duo Improvisation: EMS Synthi AKS + Buchla Music Easel

I’d like to share a compilation of recent improvisations me and David Sutherland of Canadian Electronic Ensemble played in his studio a few days ago.

Warning: these recordings may be a bit emotionally intense.

These recordings are special to me in more than one way:

  1. It was the first time we played together - and it’s always interesting to play with a new person and find common ground (we met at an EMOM event a week before)

  2. David is an amazing improviser with a lifetime of experience playing Synthi - he bought it new in 1976 (!). And it was such an honour to tap into that well of experience.

  3. On a different note, at that day I found out that my distant family member passed away and there were lots of raw unprocessed emotions. Channeling those into sound helped, as well as sharing that experience musically with another person.


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