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My favourite thread on the monome community over the last couple of years has been the “latest tracks / videos” thread. Thanks to that thread I now follow a good few musicians on instagram / youtube / vimeo / bandcamp / soundcloud and get a load of quality tracks in my normal social media feed.

Get involved, people! Let me hear your tunes!

Tell us your soundcloud/bandcamp sites
What are you listening to?
Tell us your soundcloud/bandcamp sites
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What are you listening to?
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What are you listening to?
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Tell us your soundcloud/bandcamp sites
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a little bit of arc action in this one - using the BinaryArc sketch to control several things in the patch
apologies for some stuff being out of tune, the result of last minute tweaks while practicing taking performance videos…


it’s an old track but it was release dyesterday :smile:


new tape on the horizon
here’s a brief excerpt from a song called “aiz o”
and here’s one which isnt part of that release

check em out


i performed at the arduino day in novosibirsk with a fellow bandmember. music/video has been mostly played with rove and a hackish video sample cutter implemented in processing.


Ok, some of my latest vids:


first tape


awesome news mr bugaev!


thnx mr glia. there will be second tape with longer tracks on siberian label klammklang.


the visuals by broshuda are sick

what app are you using for these ambient pieces? they are beautiful cycles


yep. came out as a surprise to me. as for the apps: few messy max patches + party van (thnx to Rodrigo). some field recs + few samples from op-1. i don’t remember details since i’ve finished this project in january.


yeah yeah i didnt want you to completely tip your cards
just curious

TPV is such a powerful app…



haven’t posted on the “new” forum yet!!!
here ya go!


AwwwYIS! The good stuff as always @bkinsman. This is what this forum needed!


~~ facilitating your monday morning metamorphosis ~~



hi !
live looping session with The PartyVan featuring Alice (violin) and Elsa (harp) during a theater workshop for teens. first take. basic settings


second session w/ cut glove
kalimba improvisation into three karma slots


Recent remix:


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