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I have a new 7" record. Available digitally as well but the record is made to order and only available for a week. Link below. Taylor Deupree did an amazing job with the mastering (as always).


I’m working on a series of shorter tracks, this one featuring Soniccouture’s Broken Wurli, Kaivo from Madrona Labs, Unfiltered Audio’s G8 -


Last night i fed the morphagene with some iconic sounds. This is a quick recording the morning after.


Aalto + Modular


It’s been a while. Max programmed drums, thuds, clicks, little bits of ear candy.


cool :slight_smile:
plz drop some plumbutter sounds on the coffee klatch!

or whatever you got rockin’


This is the second episode of the Disquietude podcast of ambient electronic music. (There’s an odd little glitch at the opening, but otherwise it seems to sound good.)

All seven tracks of music are featured with the permission of the individual artists or, in one case, their record label:

  • Naoyuki Sasanami
  • Geneva Skeen
  • Jeanann Dara and Jherek Bischoff
  • R. Beny
  • Bana Haffar
  • Scanner
  • Yann Novak

The music is followed by some commentary, and by a brief essay reflecting on the recording process. More information at


can you describe a little more about the ansible > tempest connection you have going here?


Tempest midi out goes to an Intellijel uMidi module.

Clock and Reset show up there and gets distributed around the system (including to Ansible, of course).

In addition, I have pad B2 on the Tempest set to send it’s midi sequence data to the midi out as well. That note info shows up on the Pitch and Gate jacks of the uMidi, and is routed to a ‘voice’ in the eurorack. (If you try this, make sure the volume for that pad is more than 0. Even though though pad isn’t generating any sound within the Tempest, if the volume is zero, it will MUTE the pad.)

BTW, the new Cued pattern change of Kria was a godsend for this setup, to keep patterns starting at the same time. Really clever implementation by @tehn !

Good luck!


thanks for the explanation, stoked to try this as a way to implement tempest’s swing into the skiff!



One for Nord Modular fans…enjoy :slight_smile:


Released May 4th, 2017

Default 0010 is the second album by Pokk! for the SM-LL Default series.

Continuing his exploration of the Clavia Nord Modular system, here Pokk! presents six tracks using only the Nord Modular G2 Demo, a free, extremely limited and entirely software version of the hardware G2 synthesizer.

All tracks created and mastered at the kitchen table by Martin J Thompson. This is a Default release on the label SM-LL, 2017.


short, weird doc on making our new record


What a terrific album - complete with a song inspired by the Microphones! And I love the sound for this little doc.


hey scrag, loving your works thru Reason! any chance you could show a newbie how to set up in Reason? not having much luck


I love Aaron’s work!


Wanted to try the amen break : )


I’ve had this album on heavy rotation. Such amazing work from you all. I read the bit on NPR music and find ‘The Glow’ and ‘Song’ hit me exactly where they were meant to. Which is pretty amazing. :heart: :heart: :heart: this.


First new track in a while…


New Striechfett= me making music on it: